November 29, 2021

Americans and password security

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Cybercrime is an increasing worry among many Americans, with breaches in 2017 putting the personal information and sensitive data of individuals at risk. In the last year, the Equifax breach put 145.5 million Americans at the risk of exposed information; other, smaller attacks, like the 2017 Gmail and Instagram hacks, targeted everyday apps.

Additionally, according the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans have experienced some kind of data breach, and a substantial majority believe that major cyber attacks are coming in the near future.

Surprisingly, despite these real-life experiences with cybersecurity incidents, recent research has found that the majority of Americans continue to be lax with their own digital practices. According to a password security study conducted by Varonis, which surveyed 1,000 Americans about their password habits, most Americans aren’t following best cybersecurity practices. In fact, almost the opposite is true — 17 percent of Americans surveyed admitted to never changing their passwords. To learn more about password security habits of Americans, check out the infographic from Varonis, below.

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Americans and Password Security

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