November 25, 2020

Alabama police kill kidnapper and save boy

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ap_abc_jimmy_lee_dykes_schoolbus_shooting_jt_130202_wgPolice in the US state of Alabama have killed a hostage-taker after a six-day standoff, saving the five-year-old boy he abducted, US media report.

Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, shot dead the driver of the boy’s school bus before abducting the youngster, Ethan, and keeping him in a storm shelter.

An ambulance that had been parked near the scene was seen driving away, but without sirens or emergency lights.

A news conference is expected shortly in Midland City, Alabama.

The incident began in Midland City on Tuesday afternoon when the bus driver refused to hand over the child, whom Mr Dykes apparently snatched at random.

According to witnesses, the kidnapper pounced when the school bus stopped to let off two children.

Mr Dykes grabbed the door so it could not close and came on board, demanding two boys aged six and eight.

When the 66-year-old driver, Charles Albert Poland, blocked the bus aisle with his arm, witnesses said Mr Dykes fired four shots, killing him.

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