October 20, 2020

Akeel O’Connor launches fashion line in Cayman Islands


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Up-and-coming designer Akeel O’Connor launches line at Cayman Fashion Week.

Upcoming Designer Alert!

The newest designer to watch is Ms. Akeel O’Connor. Akeel was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She spent the first seven years of her life in Jamaica before moving to the Cayman Islands where she is currently based. Akeel has always had a passion for arts and in particular fashion. While she was a little girl she would draw gowns and store them in a folder called Akeel’s Amazing collection. When asked what drew her to fashion she responded, ” I’m intrigued by fashion. There’s always something new to discover and to design, the possibilities are limitless and the result is a beautiful work of art every time.”

Akeel studied Medical Laboratory science and not fashion at the university level. However In order to facilitate her interests she enrolled in the Sewing For Success owned by Norma Ebanks of Creative Fashion and Design. Through meeting Mrs. Ebanks she was motivated to enter Cayman Fashion Week. Mrs. Ebanks is a well renowned fashion designer in the Cayman Islands and a partial sponsor of Ms. O’Connor’s collection.


The collection is a ready to wear collection; you can take it straight off the runway and into any event. The name of the collection is Crown. It was given that name because of the strength, which the word crown wields. The idea is that queens are both beautiful and powerful. She loves the idea of beauty and strength and drew from that concept to produce her modern-day interpretation of who a queen is. Expect to see lots of reds and golds, purples and over all beautifully constructed garments that will bring out the confidence in any woman who wears them. Akeel believes in celebrating the strength of the woman and that the confidence and strength felt on the inside should be translated into the way you dress. This is what both the collection “crown’ and the brand ‘Akeel O’Connor’ will do for it’s customer. It’s not just a dress, it’s confidence and beauty personified.

We are excited about this new collection and all eyes were on Cayman Fashion Week last weekend. It was an exciting show hosted by international photographer Nigel Barker and Empire star Grace Gealy.

To read the original article and much more go to: http://thenirvanamagazine.com/akeelcifw/

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