November 29, 2020

AG wants change in election wording

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SAMUELBULGIN210X277Cayman Islands Attorney General (AG), Sam Bulgin, wants to change the wording in the constitution Section 92, Part 1, ahead of the May 2013 general elections.

The AG wants to amend this section by inserting the words “or elected members” after the words “an elected member”, thus pluralizing the language.

The AG has sent a memo to members of the Legislative Assembly asking for their support as he feels the way it is written now raises the question that all voters may be allowed to cast one vote only.

The AG, however, says, “I am of the opinion that notwithstanding the fact that the current wording could survive a legal challenge, it is more advisable to proactively seek to avert any such potential challenge, which could conceivably be protracted and expensive.”

Bulgin said he “also took note of the observations of the Hon. Leader of Opposition during his contribution to the most recent debate on the issue in the LA where he remarked that in his opinion the confusion might have been caused by the fact that at the earlier stage of the negotiation for a modernised Constitution the thinking was towards moving to one man vote.  However, according to him, once it was decided not to pursue one man one vote the relevant language in some provisions of the draft was changed, but it is likely that the language in S.92 might have been overlooked.”

We already know one member of the LA will not support the AG’s proposed change.

North Side MLA has already publically announced he will not support the move and believes it will not prevent election challenges.

Miller has the support of his East End colleague, Arden McLean and Opposition Leader, Alden McLaughlin has said, “the optics of this are bad.”

I think that means he will not support the AG.

However, the minority government and their former colleagues within the United Democratic Party are expected to vote for the amendment.

Please see attached copies of the AG’s memo to the members of the LA.

AG memo on election_Page_1webAG memo on election_Page_2web



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