November 29, 2023

Addressing the Gender Gap: Inspiring Women in ICT?

Women continue to be severely underrepresented in three quarters of the world’s “jobs of tomorrow”- according to the 2021 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum. It requires the efforts of both the public and the private sector to overcome the gaps between men and women in terms of internet access, tech engagement, and tech leadership to increase female representation in Cloud Computing, Data and AI, Engineering, and Product Development.

In this one-hour panel we will explore some of the key issues facing business on addressing the gender gap from the Latin America and the Caribbean perspective and how gender inclusiveness initiatives in the job market has had commercial benefits to participating businesses.

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Speakers include:

  • Alaina Percival, CEO, Women Who Code 
  • Afke Schaart, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Huawei Technologies
  • Isabelle Mauro, Director, Head of Information, Communications and Technology Industries (ICT), World Economic Forum 
  • Mariana Braga, Education Program Officer, Hiv/Aids Focal Point, Gender Focal Point, UNESCO
  • Moderator: Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera

Key takeaways include:

  1. Impact of women in tech: Improvements in business morale and efficiency through female talent acquisition in ICT
  2. Taking a regional approach: How to eliminate gender biases and address gender gaps in tech specifically for the LAC region
  3. Overcoming occupational segregation: How business can strengthen the pipeline of women ready for the emerging jobs of tomorrow
  4. Private-public sector collaboration: Ensuring equity and inclusion in the future of work

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