August 18, 2022

Accepting applications for the Data Science programme by Singapore Management University

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From Emeritus on behalf of Singapore Management University

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Why study Data Science for Decision-Making?
Enterprises across the globe are shifting their focus to data-driven goals and decision-making. In fact, the International Data Corporation reports that APAC big data analytics solutions’ revenue will increase by US$ 41.9 bn by 2024. So, why is data science so important? Because it enables organisations to efficiently process and interpret data that can be used to inform business solutions and drive growth, optimisation and performance. Source: IDC, 2021
Programme Details
Starts onSTARTS ON 27 June 2022
DurationDURATION 2 Months,4-6 hours per week
FormatFORMAT Online
Programme FeesPROGRAMME FEES USD 1,500
In the online Data Science for Decision-Making programme, offered by Singapore Management University, you will learn how to harness the power of data science to uncover actionable insights and make better, smarter decisions within your organisation—No coding is required; however, a basic knowledge of Excel would be beneficial. Through video lectures led by SMU faculty experts, you will learn how to:
Create and implement business strategies leveraging data science.
Make data-driven decisions to solve business problems using data insights.
Demonstrate how analytics can be combined with experiments to make data-informed recommendations for business growth.
Explain the key challenges and risks in data science projects.
Evaluate an organisation’s data strategy and recommend ways to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Analyse organisational needs and drive business improvement through data science future trends.
Is This Programme Right for Me?
The programme is designed for both tech and non-tech professionals with 6 – 20+ years of relevant work experience—No coding is required; however, a basic knowledge of Excel would be beneficial. Industries & Functions that can benefit include: Industries:IT, E-Commerce, Computer Software, Finance, Marketing and Advertising, Banking, Education Management, and Management Consulting Functions:Engineering, Programming, Technology, General Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and HR Functions This programme is especially helpful for professionals who aspire to:
●Transition into a data-centric senior management role
●Gather analytical expertise to handle greater responsibilities
●Utilise predictive models to build effective strategies that address key issues in business operations and product quality
●Become a leader for sustainable business growth 
●Spearhead complete ownership of key business tasks and understand underlying strategic implications
Flexible payment options starting from USD 630 available.
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Singapore Management University is collaborating with online education provider Emeritus to offer a portfolio of high-impact online programs. By working with Emeritus, we are able to broaden access beyond our on-campus offerings in a collaborative and engaging format that stays true to the quality of SMU.Emeritus Institute of Management | Committee for Private Education Registration Number 201510637C | Period: 29 March 2022 to 28 March 2026.
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