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DSC_0003webEveryone keeps saying it, but it is true, the cantata presentation by Savannah United Church choir on 13 December was the best one yet.

More than 300 people filled the Church on Sunday morning and the choir lived up to its reputation from the first song to the last. They were joined by guests Rudy Myles and Dwight Williams, the Savannah Male Voices, Miss Abigail Ebanks and some of the young instrumentalists.

The service started with the lighting of the Advent Candle of Joy, prayers and welcome and then moved into the Cantata.

By Randy Vader, Jay Rouse, Rose Aspinall (PraiseGathering© Music

The first words spoken by God as recorded in Holy Scriptures were, “Let there be light”. Light is a dynamic metaphor – as is darkness. Light illuminates, darkness hides. Light gives direction; darkness gives delusion. Light gives life, darkness gives despair.
Light! Out of the darkness. Light! One single flame today will glow throughout the earth. May the Light of Christ be in our hearts throughout this season and all of our days. Then let his light shine through us to bring peace hope and joy to a broken world.
Noel H. Wallace – Music Minister

Although there were many highlights to the performance, two in particular stand out.
O Holy Night- a duet with Grenda Solomon and Rudy Myles and a particularly moving presentation by Abigail, backed by the choir, of Come Hushed to this Holy Place.

It was obvious that many, many hours of work had gone into the performances and congratulations go to all participants but especially to Mr.Noel Wallace, the Music Minister, who brought it all together. He was involved in all aspects including selection of music, set design, lighting etc.


Savannah After School Enrichment Programme

While doing this, he has also been involved with the after school Christmas performance that was held on 14 December. It is always lots of fun to watch and listen to the young students. A few photos follow.


On Sunday 20 December at 10am, please join us for “The Light Has Come” at Savannah United Church presented by our youth, featuring the Young Voices in Praise, our young people and our instrumentalists

By Amanda Singer (Dovetail© Music)

Welcome to worship! The young people are here to celebrate the birthday of our Saviour. Celebrate? Birthday? And you thought this was just a Sunday Service. Are we gonna party? You bet! That’s what Christmas is; a birthday party for Jesus! He is the Light! That Light has come!

So join the excitement at the Savannah United Church as we present a collection of traditional carols and contemporary Christmas songs. Feel the Christmas breeze, see the stars in the sky and lights all around as we ring out these birthday songs to Jesus.

Noel H. Wallace – Music Minister

Photos: AG McGaw


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