July 4, 2020

A special appeal for ‘Cumber’


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CumberCumber came into the Humane Society with a broken front leg several weeks ago.  Island Veterinary Services did their usual great job of repairing the shattered leg, but Cumber cannot be admitted to the shelter due to the need to be quiet.  Cumber needs a foster parent desperately to be able to leave the Vets premises and continue his recuperation.

Despite several appeals on facebook and the web site over the past week, we still need to find someone to look after him.  He needs to be kept quiet, either crated or in a confined space to give him the best chance of recovery and full use of the leg.

THE SITUATION FOR HIM IS URGENT!  If you think you can offer him some respite, please call the shelter on 949 1461, or e-mail [email protected]   Also please pass on to any friends you think may be able to help.

Everything needed will be provided.  Thank you for your time

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