January 19, 2021

A look at Caribbean slavery through eyes of a descendant

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Against impossible odds, a ragtag army of black, mulatto, and poor Frenchmen band together to fight for freedom over elite soldiers from Britain and Napoleon’s grand army on the tiny of .

This compelling historical novel begins during the French Revolution in the late 1700s, when the islands were home to slaves from across the seas. Although starving and in rags, this mismatched band of revolutionaries was led by a black woman named .

Season of Mist salutes the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, when this impossible, improbable poor man’s army defeats the superior forces financed by Royalist, British, and French planters.

Forty years later, Madlienne is an old woman who is finally able to confront the escaped opposition leader whose troops killed her family. Will justice finally be served?

Born and raised on Saint Lucia, is now writing full-time since retiring in 2013 as a trade consultant with the island’s government. “As an amateur historian, I have always wanted to see my history through the eyes of my people, and not the colonizer’s or oppressor’s. Season of Mist is one such offering.” He hopes to “dispel preconceived notions of history and historical events as told by our colonizers, and try to see them in a new light. Millions were taken from their homes in Africa, India, China, and Ireland, and brought to these islands against their will. Their descendants know their stories and must tell the world the truth.”

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