January 27, 2022

A better way to freeze bacon

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By Christine Gallary From The Kitchn

My freezer is never, ever without bacon. We buy it in large packages at Costco, and although we don’t eat bacon that often, I can’t imagine ever not having some stashed away. Why? Bacon freezes beautifully, and quickly adds so much tastiness to any dish — it’s a true flavor powerhouse.

With bacon in the freezer, a BLT or quick weeknight pasta is at my fingertips, especially since frozen bacon defrosts quickly and is actually easier to chop. While there are many ways you can freeze bacon, we love this tip we got in from a Kitchn reader!

You never want to freeze bacon straight in its original package, unless you plan to defrost and use all of it at once. Instead, it’s best to freeze bacon slices in a way that allows you to take out just what you need.

There’s an easy way to freeze individual slices of bacon that doesn’t require any additional materials. Reader Dr Deb says:

“Just saw your tip on freezing bacon, but I think mine is better. Coil the slices up like snails and freeze on a baking sheet until solid. Pop into zip-top bags and place the bags into the freezer. These bacon coils can be thawed, microwaved, or minced while still frozen.”

We love this quick tip! These cute little bundles fit neatly in my freezer bag and don’t take long to thaw at all. And who doesn’t want a bag o’ bacon stashed away?

IMAGES: Christine Gallary

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