January 18, 2021

8 things nobody tells you about living in the Caribbean

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Living on the island, in this case, the , surrounded by jungles and perfect white beaches sounds like an idyllic fantasy. There is no stressing out, all you have to do is wake up in the morning, drink your coffee on the terrace, pick fresh fruit for breakfast, enjoy the Caribbean sun, and go for a swim in the crystal clear water to cool off. What more can a person ask for? It is a dream come true. However, this is only what you get from all those ads which praise the island life, but it is not all that simple. So, before you start packing your bags, here are 8 things nobody tells you about living in the Caribbean. 

1. It is Scorching Hot All the Time

Welcome to the land of endless summer. Believe it or not, but winter time is the most pleasant time to visit the Caribbean Island. It is still warm enough to go swimming and sunbathing, but you will avoid humidity, mosquitos, and crowds. However, when it comes to other seasons you will have to adjust. It is crazy hot 24/7, and the humidity will definitely ruin your hair. Basically, your sweat will sweat. But, if you are a fan of summer, and you do not care about your hair, call a moving agency like purpleheartmovinggroup.com and let them help you relocate.

Remember to drink a lot of water. But, also remember that on the Caribbean, water and power outages can happen frequently. Alt.tag: A man drinking water on the beach.

2. Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!

You will find all kinds of bugs in the places you did not know existed. Literally, they are everywhere. One day you will actually kill millions of mosquitoes and spiders, but in just a couple of minutes, another million of them will come. It is a never-ending job. But, it is not only those two that will annoy you. From day one, you will meet all sorts of ants, fleas, and cockroaches as well. So, before you move, it is better to travel a bit in the Caribbean, to see whether this is a place for you. 

3. Furry Friends Are Also Everywhere

Caribbean Island has a serious problem with stray animals, especially cats and dogs. You will find them on the beach, in the restaurants under your table, on your front porch, and on the streets. Sometimes they are hostile and sometimes they are friendly. You can never know so be careful. The good thing is that many people started addressing this problem and helped adopt many stray animals. So, if you like four-legged creatures, you will have a blast here.

Cats and dogs are welcomed anywhere on the island. You can take them with you to any destination. Alt.tag: Dogs playing on the beach.

4. Another Thing That Is Always There – Tourists

Well, this is no surprise as to visit the Caribbean is on everybody’s wish list. But, tourists here just seem countless and it makes you wonder if living in the Caribbean is even worth it. And it is not only seasonal. It is always summer season and tourists come all year long. They take over your favorite beaches, sit in your favorite restaurants, and they always have a question to ask you. However, the biggest problem is not the number of people coming each year, but the amount of trash they are leaving on the beaches and in the sea. But if you do not mind being surrounded by people, and you enjoy bars and clubs and joined activities, you should immediately pack your bags. Remember to pack your belongings when moving in no time with the help of an international moving agency.

5. Island Life Is Isolating

If you come from America or Canada, or basically anywhere that is not an island, you will need to do a lot of downsizing and adjusting. All islands, including the Caribbean, are small and very isolated. If you are not used to this, you might feel trapped and feel like you are separated from the rest of the planet. And, you will definitely miss out on everything that is happening on the rest of the planet since nobody watches the news here. But, after all, you did not come to the Caribbean island to the latest movies and shows. Who needs all of that when you can watch the sea that never ends and the most mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises.

The Caribbean Sunset. Alt.tag: Sunset in the Caribbean.

6. Prepare For a Small-Town Living

In the Caribbean, the situation is pretty much the same as in any village or a small town, people here know everybody and everything, and they are not afraid of showing that. They will know everything about you before you even move for good. But, that does not have to be a bad aspect of island living, unless you move there in order to find peace. Even though there are no secrets in island communities, and the gossip never stops, there are some other aspects that make small town living great. You will always have somebody to have your coffee with, you will always have a buddy to go to the beach with, and if something bad happens to you, the whole island will help you out. 

7. No Shopping!

Okay, this might seem like a nightmare to most of you, or us, but it is something that people can get used to. Basically, you will not find those regular shopping malls here. Well, you will not find shopping malls at all. The place where you will be shopping is either a street market or some local store that has only basic things. So, say goodbye to buying clothes or shoes. But, you will not need that here, the only thing you will be wearing is swimsuit and flip-flops, and if you have to work, something casual. If you look at it, you will save a lot of money. Of course, before you move for good, you must calculate the cost of your relocation project in advance, but fear not. Life here is not expensive.

Typical ‘stores’ in the Caribbean Island. Alt.tag: Street market people living in the Caribbean visit.

8. Storms Here Are No Joke

Caribbean Island is a place prone to being hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. Many homeowners, both local and foreign, hold their breath during summertime. Some houses simply do not survive summer in the Caribbean. Storms in the Caribbean can leave lasting effects. So, do detailed research about which location is the best, and hire a local constructor.

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