September 17, 2021

78 Year old tourist dies whilst snorkelling in Cayman

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From RCIPS Feb 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM

A 78-year-old tourist and a passenger of the “Navigation of the Seas” passed away Thursday (20) after getting into difficulty whilst snorkelling at the Grand Cayman Callie dive site.

Loyd Wayne Loudamy of Mansfield, Texas was accompanied by his wife and his best friend on a snorkelling excursion to Callie dive site in the vicinity of the Royal Watler Terminal.  He and his friend was snorkelling at the site whilst his wife remained on the tourist excursion vessel nearby. Less than 10 minutes snorkelling, he got into difficulty, and he lost consciousness in the water.

He was lifted out of the water on to the tourist excursion vessel where chest compressions and CPR were administered by two other snorkelers on the same excursion. The snorkeller who administered the CPR is a nurse here on vacation. During the administering of the chest compressions and CPR, he regained consciousness.

The Harbour patrol boat was summoned to the location to assist with the transportation of the victim to the Royal Watler Terminal where the paramedics were waiting his arrival. The same two snorkellers continued the chest compressions and CPR whilst on the Harbour Patrol boat, but he lost consciousness.  He was conveyed to the George Town Hospital by ambulance and at 11:58 am he was pronounced dead.

Enquiries are continuing by the police; apparently there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

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