May 8, 2021

600 Cayman Islands families to benefit from DCFS gift donation programme

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DCFS staff member, Ernesto Carter, Cayman International School teacher, Ms. Rita and Acting DCFS Director, Paulinda Mendoza-WilliamsThe Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has received dozens of donations of wrapped gifts, baskets of groceries, gift certificates and cheque donations that will benefit some 600 families.
The Gift Giving and Donation Programme seeks assistance from individuals and community groups in providing gift items and food during the Christmas season. The DCFS in turn provides those items to families, children, and the elderly.
Acting Deputy Director for the DCFS (for strategic and programming), Cassandra Parchment said: “It’s been a part of the DCFS for many years; it really came to fruition after Hurricane Ivan when a large amount of people reached out to give to those in need and it has continued to this day.”
Ms. Parchment said, giving to people in need anytime but especially at Christmas time is invaluable. “It is easy to get wrapped in the commercialism of this time of year and we are so thankful to the community who have the sense of giving and empathy it’s the people who give to us who make this absolutely possible,” added Ms. Parchment.
Acting DCFS Director, Paulinda Mendoza-Williams also voiced her appreciation, “On behalf of our department, the Ministry of Community Affairs and the clients we serve, we wish to express a generous thank you to our donors.”
The DCFS has had around three dozen donors which include individuals, entire families, private corporations and schools. The department maintains the programme is extremely important because the need for assistance in the Cayman Islands is growing.
The DCFS notes that some years there is a spill over of items and it is able to extend the programme into the New Year. The department would like to inform the public that it will accept donations all year round if people are willing to give.

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DCFS staff member, Ernesto Carter, and Acting DCFS Director, Paulinda Mendoza-Williams receive donated items from Cayman International School teacher, Ms. Rita.

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