November 29, 2021

6 best physical activities for seniors over 60

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While everyone needs to have a dose of exercise regularly, older people have more reasons to lead active lives. This is because seniors are at a higher risk of age-related health and other problems. With an active lifestyle, older people are able to live lives that are more independent without relying on help from other people. Exercise also strengthens their bones and enhances stability for better balance, which reduces the risk of falling. In addition, it improves immunity against diseases and enhances brain function to keep away age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

However, not all physical activities are fit for older people. While exercise is important, they have to choose exercises that don’t exert pain and strain the joints, especially where one is dealing with health issues. Here is a list of 6 exercises that are ideal for older people.

1.  Biking

Cycling is a form of exercise that is great for the heart as it increases the heart rate. As you cycle, your heart is forced to pump harder in order to supply the oxygen to the cells that release the energy needed to keep you going. As a result, your heart is strengthened, keeping away the risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. Cycling is also important for improving brain function. Cycling does the bodywork at a maximum capacity. This ensures that the brain is fully oxygenated, stimulating the part of the brain that is responsible for memory.

Most seniors keep off cycling for the fear of being injured. However, you can cycle easily without straining your joints and knees with an electric bike. The peddle assist ensures that you don’t use too much energy while giving you the full benefits of biking. The good thing is that you can easily turn your ordinary bike into an electric bike with a motorized bike kit and basic mechanical skills.

2.  Brisk walking

Just like cycling, brisk walking is an exercise that increases the heart rate as well. It also exercises the muscles. Unlike normal walking, brisk walking requires you to switch legs fast and slightly swing your hips while maintaining a good posture. This makes it a more effective activity than normal walking. In addition, it is less intense than jogging and it has a lesser impact on the joints. Make the most of it by finding a walking trail through a nature park. You can also get an audiobook or listen to music for the much-needed stimulation.

3.  Water aerobics

Aerobic exercises can be strenuous especially if you have joint pain or are dealing with a condition such as arthritis or osteoporosis. However, they become much easier when done in the water. With your body weight supported by the water, you feel less impact on your joints. Additionally, the natural resistance from the water makes strength training easy without necessarily using weights. Some water aerobics that you can try include arm curls, leg lifts, flutter kicking, swimming and aqua jogging among others.  

4.  Yoga

Yoga is known as a meditation exercise that helps improve mental health. Participating in yoga gives you a chance to improve the quality of your sleep and reduce the risk of depression. Besides this, it also entails stretching exercises that work your muscles. The good thing is that it doesn’t exert too much stress on your joints. With yoga, you improve your muscle strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. If you find conventional ways of yoga strenuous, try sitting on a chair for lesser impact.

5.  Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a mindful activity that focuses on relaxation and improving focus. This makes it a great exercise for mental health. What makes it great is that it is done in groups. This gives you a chance to meet other seniors like you who are committed to exercise. You can bond and make meaningful connections while at it.

6.  Stretching

Regular stretching every day is essential for keeping your muscles in good shape. Stretching your shoulders, knees, ankles and hips regularly prevents the joints from getting stiff. In addition, ensure that you stretch all muscles in your body including the back, neck, sides, abdomen, arms, chest, sides, and thighs among others.

7.  Workout Equipment

What really helps seniors over 60 to have a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly is having workout equipment fit for their workout routine. It helps them to be rigorous and stick to their workout plan. Also, it affects the seriousness and the correctness of the exercises so that seniors get the physical activity their body needs. 


Exercise is a good way to start living an active life even in your old age. However, you should do it moderately and with caution. Talk with your doctor so that you can be guided on where to start. Otherwise, brisk walking, water aerobics, biking, stretching, yoga, and Tai Chi are a few activities that you can try in your old age.

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