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5th TCFS in Cayman, June 18th – 29th, 2013

2-1From June 18th – 29th, the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase will celebrate its 5th anniversary in the Cayman Islands. CNCF in association with Hurley’s and Fruta, will screen 21 films that have been selected for this year’s showcase, as well as host country nights to highlight films from Cuba, Haiti, Belize, Venezuela, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and more! From magical animated movies for children to fascinating documentaries and love stories, as well as controversial films on what some might consider taboo, TCFS provides audiences with a wide selection to suit every taste.

Tickets are now on sale!

• $5 Adults – per day

• Kids (12 & Under) enter Free

• $20 Adults – for a 5 night pass

• For group discounts or two week festival passes please get in touch with CNCF.

To purchase tickets email [email protected] with your phone number or call us on 949-5477.

tcfs 3 cayman national cultural foundationFILM FESTIVAL SUMMARY


Tuesday, June 18th (6pm-10pm)

5th TCFS Film Selection • PG to R

Wednesday, June 19th (6pm-10pm)

5th TCFS Film Selection • PG to R

Thursday, June 20th (6pm-10pm)

5th TCFS Film Selection • PG to R

Friday, June 21st (6pm-10pm)

5th TCFS Film Selection • PG to R

Saturday, June 22nd (10am-10pm)

Kids Fest! (10am-12pm) • G to PG

5th TCFS Film Selection (6-10pm)•PGtoR

Sunday, June 23 (1pm-10pm)

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda

Family Day! (1-3pm) • G to PG

TCFS Selection (6-10pm) • PG to R


Monday, June 24 (6pm-10pm)

Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Belize • PG to R

Tuesday, June 25 (6pm-10pm)

Haiti, Martinique & Guadalupe • PG to R

Wednesday, June 26 (6pm-10pm)

Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten & St. Lucia • PG to R

Thursday, June 27 (6pm-10pm)

Suriname, Venezuela & Colombia •PGtoR

Friday, June 28 (6pm-10pm)

Cuba, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico • PG to R

Saturday, June 29th (10am-10pm)

The Cayman Islands, Jamaica & The Bahamas

Kids Fest! (10am-12pm) • G to PG

TCFS Selection (6-10pm) • PG to R


TCFS is produced by the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office, a division of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) located in Havana, Cuba. CNCF is the Organising Committee for the Cayman Islands.

The films cover a wide variety of subjects; TCFS offers short, feature length and animated films for people of all ages. The Showcase is a creative and effective way to share films not readily available online, in theatres or in stores. Organisations, businesses and schools are welcome to attend the Festival as well as browse the film synopses from the various Showcases and rent TCFS films. All films are subtitled when not in English.

TCFS is supported by ICAIC, UNICEF, UNESCO and MINCULT, and seeks to encourage film and audiovisual co-productions among Member States as well as promote the exchange of films and audiovisuals to be disseminated through the national broadcasting TV stations of the Member States.

Where traditional education sometimes leaves gaps, TCFS movies often fills them in.  And just when you think you have a grasp on the history of the region, a film appears that inspires the viewer to dig deeper.  TCFS films from previous showcases have also aired on Cayman 27.  Selections included the Cuban masterpiece 20 Years by Bárbaro Joel Ortiz, Jennifer Galvin’s poignant documentary Free Swim, set in the Bahamas, and the wonderful children’s film, The Baobab Tree by Claire Ince, which was also a selection for the Chicago International Children’s Festival.  Haven’t seen them yet?  Come out during our 5th anniversary celebration of regional film to enjoy these great selections and others.

Once you’ve been to a TCFS screening, you return to your daily activities more aware of the Caribbean’s myriad stories.  Stephanie and Steve James, Lester Hamlet, Gerardo Chijona, Maria Govan, Catherine Murphy, Frankie Flowers, Rigoberto López, Francis Anne Solomon, Ernesto Padrón….these are just a few of the names to keep in mind when it comes to film in the Caribbean….and the list goes on.  Get in touch with CNCF to learn more about this unique festival.




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