March 19, 2023

52nd Annual Rotary Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration

By Georgina Wilcox

For me, the Christmas Season doesn’t start until the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration in George Town.

I have been present at this event every Christmas since I arrived here 35 years ago. The venue is the same, outside the Courts Building. but then it wasn’t called Heroes Square.

We had a bent Christmas tree that was lit every year until Rotary decided to bring in a metal one that was awful. Thankfully that mistake was not repeated again.

Hundreds attended the celebration last Monday evening and it started promptly at 6:30pm.

We sang carols, prayed, heard Christmas Messages from HE Governor Kilpatrick, Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin (read by MLA Austin Harris in his absence), listened to many excellent entertainers, watched the lighting of the huge Christmas tree (albeit missing a few lights) and finally saw Santa Clause arrive with presents for the children. I waited patiently in line to get a hug but gave up in the end as there were so many children in line. They take priority.

Entertainers comprised:

Daniella Shibli (sang the National Song)
Raiann Evans
Esme Griffith
St. Ignatius Swing Band
St. Ignatius Concert Band
Montessori By the Sea
Cayman Youth Choir
Rotary ‘Choir’

Pastor Brett Wendle gave the blessing and Rotary President, Justin Bodden, gave the Presidential Address.

Past Rotary President Jeremy Hurst was Master of Ceremonies

He summed up the complete message of Christmas here in the Cayman Islands with these words:

“It’s all about fun and celebrations as we bring in the start of this very special season. A time for family and friends celebrating the birth of the Lord and reflecting on how lucky we are to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – our Cayman Islands.”

And friends definitely were present. Some I hadn’t seen for a very long time.

Well said, Jeremy, now I can start my Christmas planning in earnest.

If you weren’t present you missed a wonderful celebration.

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