February 27, 2021

5 ways to make your office move less stressful

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If you’re planning for an office move, then congratulations! Pulling off an office move allows you to make more informed and dynamic choices for your company and your team. After all, office moves can happen for a variety of reasons – be it because you’re moving to a new location, opening a new branch, or even just expanding your operations. Regardless of the reason, an office move can be a great way to help improve your company’s overall performance.

Unfortunately, office moves aren’t exactly hassle-free. When you think about the idea of the move, it has a lot to do with organizing your inventory, packing your things, and moving everything to ensure they’re settled in your new location – all while you’re still working. Can you really handle organizing a move and making sure you still earn profits at the same time? Turns out, you can make your move hassle-free and less stressful with five easy steps:

  1. Settle everything about your paperwork as soon as possible. One of the most important things you need to do when organizing an office move is to settle all the paperwork necessary to ensure that your move stays smooth-sailing. Granted, chances are you’ve fixed everything related to your lease on your space (if you’re renting) and that you’ve probably settled paperwork regarding utilities and miscellaneous costs. However, you need to clarify whether you need other licenses and permits with regards to any construction you might want done in the area, and even consider clarifying whether you need certification if you want movers to move stuff into your new area.
  2. Organize your inventory as soon as possible. Regardless if you’re doing long distance moving or a local move, it’s important that you settle matters with your inventory by organizing it via a spreadsheet or an app. Chances are, you already have such an inventory in place. However, now that you’re moving, now’s the best time to make an update of your list and perhaps consider adding a number of factors as well. These can include things such as price and quantity, notable descriptions, and even notes such as if they need updating, replacement, or can be sold for the company’s budget. That way, you’re aware for sure whether you need to buy other things prior to your office move.
  3. Synchronize and integrate your moving timeline to your operations. Instead of halting operations entirely due to the office move, you might want to adjust your schedules a little. For instance, instead of having everyone not go to work, you can have a partial crew working in the office while the others assist with other matters related to the move. That way, everyone can still earn for a day’s worth of work. Moreover, now’s a great time to test your online infrastructure and have partial online operations while you’re ensuring everything with your move stays in order. Moreover, synchronizing your schedule this way allows you to maximize your operations while at the same time making your move happen much smoothly – avoiding any sudden store closures. This also gives you time to acclimate your audiences to your new location. 
  4. Add a marketing spin to your office move. If your office is also the same place where customers and clients conduct business, your office move can be an excellent way to add a marketing spin to your move. You can perhaps notify clients in advance via an email campaign about your move, or even create a social media campaign revolving a sale discount or other promos related to the “closing” of your old store or the opening of your new branch. That way, you can maximize the potential traction of your office move. 
  5. Hire professionals to facilitate the move. If you’re having trouble organizing and streamlining all the elements for your office move, now might be a great time to consider hiring professionals such as Manhattan movers. Due to their expertise, skill set, equipment, and manpower, these professionals can help you facilitate your move and make sure everything stays in order. Moreover, a moving company’s varying set of specializations allows you to cater and tailor your move precisely to your needs without it having to be a full-service move. If you have specific needs for transportation, storage, or even simply moving things around, they’re the crew to call. 

Office Moves 101: Make It Less Stressful For You!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that you’re within the realm of possibility when it comes to making your office move much more comfortable and less stressful for you and your team. Regardless of the nature of the office move, the right planning and the right approach can definitely make your office move hassle-free for your staff. Moreover, great planning also ensures that you’ll have everything settled for your move as soon as you need them – avoiding risks of suddenly halting operations or compromising your sales. 

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