May 21, 2022

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing Up For Hypnotherapy

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Male therapist using hypnosis therapy on young woman
  1. Hypnotherapy is Not What You See on Television

Have you ever wondered why a large number of our habits, emotions, and reactions are often incomprehensible to us? 

Why does it get so hard to get rid of the things that a potentially harmful to us? Things like alcohol, drugs, junk food, and so on?

Well, the reason is that, whether we know it or not, for the most part, our brains function in autopilot mode. They do this with the help of the subconscious mind which constitutes approximately 88% of our brain.

While your conscious mind can be treated with help of various psychological treatments, treating the subconscious mind is usually a little more difficult.

Therefore, when it comes to mental health problems that are a little hard to treat and are greatly affected by the subconscious, people turn to hypnotherapy.

Well, if you’re planning to opt for an anxiety hypnotherapy London program, or wish to try hypnosis to help your mental health, we have some tips for you.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few things that you need to know before signing up for hypnotherapy.

Unlike what you see on a stage or on television, hypnotherapy sessions aren’t designed to make you do whatever the therapist wishes.

Rather, it is a process of healing with awareness. As we see on entertainment shows, a hypnotist can certainly make a person do what he wishes, but that’s not what happens in a hypnotherapy session.

A session designed to help you through a mental health problem requires you to be in control of your mind. In a session, you will be led into a trance-like state where your mind will be open to suggestions. Thus, with the help of the therapist, you can work on your own mind and feel more in control.

Hypnotherapist holding pendulum by patient on sofa at home

2. Hypnotherapy is a Healing Process, Not a Magic Wand

Just like most other mental health treatments, hypnotherapy is a healing process that helps different people at different paces.

Hypnotherapy is generally a safe, more effective and faster solution in comparison with a few other forms of therapy.

However, you can’t go into one session and expect to be completely healed. The sessions take time and help you explore the depths of your mind. This way, you can access the root cause of your problems and work with the therapist to find bespoke solutions.

3. Hypnotherapists Aren’t Psychologists

Hypnotherapists usually train the brain with the help of cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP and other forms of self-improvement.

They aren’t psychologists and cannot provide a medical diagnosis or treatment for your problems. 

While medical care is essential, hypnotherapy helps a person speed up their healing process by tapping a person’s subconscious.

4. Everyone Can Benefit from Hypnotherapy

No one is immune to hypnotism. While hypnosis can take a little time with some people and no time with others, everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy.

The mental state of a person during a hypnotherapy session is willful and the healing process usually involves the contribution of both the parties equally.

However, if you find yourself failing to enter a trance-like state during your sessions, it can be due to a lack of trust on your part or a lack of education on the therapist’s. Hence, you need to make sure that you trust your therapist and their work before you start your sessions.

5. Hypnosis Does Not Involve Complete Unawareness

As we discussed before, you won’t be completely asleep or unconscious during your sessions. Under hypnotherapy, your mind shall become more aware as your body becomes more relaxed. 

Hypnosis for healing involves entering into a calm, peaceful and more receptive state of mind where you are open to changes, suggestions and experiences.

While you are likely to fall asleep during a session, your hypnotherapist shall make sure that you don’t.


Now that you have a pretty good idea of what you need to know before you sign up for a hypnotherapy session, you can now go for your first session and begin your healing process.

As we mentioned before, healing won’t happen overnight, but if everything goes well, you shall be able to find a solution to your problems at a faster pace.

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