February 25, 2020

5 Cool benefits of CoolSculpting


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By Sally Hart

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Ever heard of the term “CoolSculpting”? If not, then you should certainly read on this article, especially if you are looking for a way to get rid of those excess fats in your body effectively – but not willing to go under the knife.

CoolSculpting, technically known as Cryolipolisis, refers to a fat-reduction treatment that utilizes low temperatures and cooling to freeze the cells to reduce or eliminate fat deposits in certain areas of the body. It was invented by Dieter Manstein of Massachusetts General Hospital and Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School in 2009, when they report their first clinical successes in Cryolipolisis treatment on the excess fat around the hips and abdominal area of their patients. A year later, this treatment got its FDA approval, and CoolSculpting machines begin to be sold to clinics across the United States.

If you think that CoolSculpting is just a fancy name to describe another fad in the medical aesthetic industry, then you should think otherwise. In this post, we will discuss the five most compelling benefits that made CoolSculpting a top body contouring procedure today:

  1. It’s a Gentle and Painless Procedure

The first and perhaps most notable advantage of CoolSculpting in comparison with other fat reduction procedures is that it does not require the any incision and the patient to be under any type of anesthesia or painkillers at all. It just involves the use of a cooling head placed over a disposable gel pad that freezes the fat through a suction mechanism.

While there can be some discomfort at the beginning of the procedure due to the suction of the skin into the cooling head, this sensation quickly wears off once the cooling starts. That is why CoolSculpting is a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to go under surgery because of personal preferences or health reasons.

  1. It Can Be Applied In Different Body Areas

Have you been pounding hard in the gym yet your love handles are still there? Does your arms or thighs still look stubbornly fat even after following a no-carb diet for months? If yes, then CoolSculpting is the procedure that could help you finally get rid of those excess fats without much hassle.

Unlike other body contouring procedures, CoolSculpting can be applied in almost every areas of the body such as belly, back and bra area, thighs, arms, underneath the chin, buttocks, and more.

  1. It Leaves No Scars and Dimpling

Since CoolSculpting does not use any knife or needles, patients can rest assured that there will be no scar marks or skin dimpling that will occur inthe body area that received the treatment.

  1. No Downtime Required

Mostof the conventional fat-reduction procedures require the patient to rest for a while after receiving the treatment, but this not the case in CoolSculpting. Once the procedure is done, the patient can easily go back to their normal daily life as if they have just taken a short break from work!

  1. It Provides Permanent Results

Withtheproperdiet and exercise, CoolSculpting can promise that no new fat will come back to the specific body area that was treated. However, one must not expect to see the results instantly. It can take weeks to a month before the body completely flush the destroyed fat cells out of the body, but it certainly is a process worth waiting for.


It is important to note, though, that CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity. Rather, it’s a body contouring procedure aimed to help people get rid of stubborn fats in specific areas of the body that they desire to look firmer. Nonetheless, it’s a safe, non-invasive, and highly-effective treatment that you should strongly consider if you want to achieve that toned look all without having a surgical procedure.

About the author:

Sally Hart

Sally Hart is a beauty enthusiast writing for Primera Body Designs, a medical aesthetic office which aims to provide safe and effective services administered by licensed medical professionals and caring staff. Her passion for skincare inspires her to useful articles that feature products that would make you feel more confident!

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned that cool sculpting services are painless. My wife has been wanting to try it to see how it will help her with her confidence. I’d love to see how it can help her feel more comfortable in her own skin.

  2. My sister is thinking about getting some cool sculpting so that her body will be smoother and get rid of some fat. She would really like to get it done by a professional so that it will be done right. I had no idea that it can be used in all areas of the body and it isn’t restricted.

  3. I never knew that CoolSculpting can be applied in multiple parts of the body! I have been struggling with my image, and I think this could be the answer. I will look more into it online and make a decision.

  4. What got my attention the most was how you said that body sculpting was a non-invasive to reduce fats. I liked that the most because my wife wanted to try a procedure that is effective. We will talk about it to start looking for a professional in our area.

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