June 23, 2021

4 Useful tips to give your house the right clean up

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We all want a clean home. Not only will it impress our guests, but it’s also for our own health.

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However, not everyone knows how to do the right clean-up. Especially if you have a huge house, it seems impossible to clean it correctly as it can be overwhelming.

There are ways how you can make it easier while making sure that you’re on the right track, though. Here are some of them to help you clean your home better.

Clear Clutter

One of the first steps that you need to do is to clean the clutter that’s lying around in your home. It could be your child’s toys, your pet’s toys, or even your own belongings. Make sure to focus on the first and put them away in their right storage or places.

This way, once you start dusting, the debris won’t fall on your belongings. Thus, you do less work as you won’t need to clean them one by one.

Doing this will also help you clean the house safely. I mean can you imagine stepping on a Lego block while you’re trying to dust your furniture? Ouch!

Start from the Top

Another cleaning tip is to make sure to start from the top. Then, clean the bottom part of your home.

Cleaning is probably one of the dreaded tasks for homeowners because truth be told, it takes up a lot of time. In fact, dusting your house alone can take you an hour, depending on how big your space is. So, for this, Elite Home Cleaners say starting from the top will make your task easier. This way, you won’t need to clean surfaces twice.

The same goes when you’re wiping surfaces. This way, any dust or debris left on the surface will fall on the ground, and it’s easier to collect and clean them.

IMAGE: pexels

Sweep First

Many homeowners are often confused as to which one they should do first – sweeping or mopping. Actually, it’s recommended to sweep first. This way, the dust, and other debris won’t stick on the floor once you mop it.

It also makes things a lot easier. Because just like dusting from top to bottom, this method helps you prevent exerting too much effort by cleaning surfaces twice. This will also ensure that no debris is stuck on the floor, ensuring a sparkly clean floor.

Organize Tools

An organized set of tools and cleaning products with the way you clean your home the right way too. Apparently, this will help you clean faster as your tools and cleaning products are already within your reach.

Additionally, this will help you quickly find which cleaning products to use. This way, you can prevent stains from drying out, which can make them harder to remove.

Part of tool organizing is cleaning them too, so they’re always ready to use. Plus, you can prevent them from redepositing dirt and germs on surfaces.

A clean home is vital for improving mood, confidence, and even your physical health, which is important these days. So, make sure that you’re cleaning your home right.

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