September 23, 2020

4 Taliban Militants Hanged By Afghan Villagers


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Taliban-Hang-665x385From Inquisitr

On Saturday, Afghan villagers hanged 4 Taliban militants from a tree.

This happened after a group of Taliban shot and killed over 100 innocent people near the area. More than 12 of these people were beheaded.

The Taliban attack had around 700 militants and it began 6 days ago. Fortunately, the Afghan army managed to suppress them as well the impending threat of a NATO airstrike.

After the Taliban militants were captured the prisoners were handed over to villagers from Arzakai. However, there have been no reports on who actually handed the prisoners over to the villagers.

A U.S military coalition arrived later to help the local Afghan army and police. Ghazni Deputy Governor Mohammad Ali Ahmadi said, “Coalition jets were in the air, but they did not bombard the area because of fears of civilian casualties.”

The United States have been using drones very effectively in the Middle East. According to a report by, a drone fired several missiles at a compound in Pakistan’s northern tribal region which bordered Afghanistan. The Pakistani intelligence officials confirmed that the airstrike on the compound killed eleven Taliban militants. The intelligence officials said that most of the militants that were killed were part of the Tehrik-e-Taliban.

Foreign air force support will completely end after international troops leave Afghanistan which should happen near the end of the year.

The Taliban are no longer the most prominent terrorist force in the Middle East anymore. ISIS has recently been in the news a lot for be headings of international journalists and extreme brutality. ISIS is reported to make over $3 million a day through illegal activities. These activities include oil smuggling, extortion, human trafficking, and theft. “The price the Islamic State group fetches for its smuggled oil is discounted -$25 to $60 for a barrel of oil that normally sells for more than $100 – but its total profits from oil are exceeding $3 million a day,” said Luay al-Khatteeb, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Doha Center in Qatar.

However the Taliban forces seem to be getting stronger due to the political turmoil that is currently occurring in Afghanistan. This was caused by an failed attempt at a democratic election process that resulted in Afghan security forces becoming extremely demoralized. This failed democratic election ended with winner Ashraf Ghani as the new president and Abdullah Abdullah to be in a position with powers similar to a prime minister.

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