June 13, 2021

37 Warrants served this week; Cayman Islands police appeals for public to pay tickets on a timely basis

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rcips-logoFrom RCIPS

RCIPS officers executed thirty-seven warrants this week, twenty of which were served yesterday as part of a drive efficiently completed by officers to reduce outstanding warrants.

Although these warrants range in type, the majority of them are for individuals who have failed to appear at court or forgotten to pay traffic tickets. Officers often find that many people simply miss or forget court dates, and then are inconvenienced when arrest warrants are served. On average the Process Department at the George Town Police Station receives 40-50 warrants per week.

The Process Department would like to remind the public to pay tickets in a timely fashion, and once a missed date is discovered, to contact either the court registry office or the Process Department at 244-2917 to bring themselves into compliance before an arrest takes place.

While many of those with outstanding warrants are generally law-abiding people who have simply forgotten a court date, there are those with criminal cases whose violations are intentional.

“We will use every opportunity we have to interrupt anticipated criminal behaviour,” said Robert Graham, Superintendent of District Operations, “while at the same time continuing to professionally execute the duties required for the criminal justice system to function efficiently.”

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