September 21, 2020

3 burglaries Monday (22) and man charged with robbery tries to escape


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From RCIPS Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 10:39 AM

Monday 22nd December 2014, Detectives from George Town – CID are investigating three burglaries over a 2 hour period on Bel Air Drive, South Sound. The first call was received 1:38pm, where a home was broken into and watches stolen. At 1:57pm the second burglary occurred at Cayman Crossing where cash, electronics, jewelry and a cell phone was stolen. At 3:50pm the third burglary was reported on Bel Air Drive, electronic items and watches were reportedly stolen. Detectives believe these burglaries may be linked and residents of the area who may have seen any one not belonging to that community can call GT – CID on 949 – 4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800 – 8477(TIPS).

Approximately 1:32pm Monday 22nd December 2014, Devon Wright, one of four charged with robbery of Blackbeard’s Liquor Store in Grand Harbour, attempted escape while leaving the dock in summary court. He leaped over the rails but was quickly apprehended by police officers in the court. Two RCIPS officers, a staff member of the court were assaulted, receiving slight injuries. Devon Wright remains in custody together with the three co – accused, and remanded to HM Northward until their next court appearance in January 2015.

NOTE: One of the homes in Sound Sound broken into (see top) belongs to Derek Haines, local hero and veteran long distance runner who used to be a senior police officer with the RCIPS. Even though Haines has an alarm and other security measures, the burglars broke a window and, with the alarm sounding, helped themselves to a substantial sum of cash, and electronics, including laptops, iPads, phones and jewellery.

Haines told CNS that despite the alarm and other security measures in his house, the thieves still smashed the window right next to the security system sticker alerting would-be villains to the alarm. At around 1:40 in the afternoon, with the alarms wailing, they managed to make off with his property.

He asked people to contact the police if they are offered cheap electronics.

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