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Is Bitcoin getting better with time or more risky?

As the cryptocurrency industry continues growing larger, the entire crypto-verse has its eyes set upon Bitcoin (BTC). Although there are several cryptocurrencies that are full of potential and are promising, yet Bitcoin is the eye candy of most investors. This is the reason why when Bitcoin started gaining in on its price and valuation starting […]

Time to get acquainted with Ethereum’s past, present, and future market presence

There is a possibility that you came to know about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin when you started exploring Ethereum (ETH). Surprisingly, the majority of the independent crypto-community members in the present time first heard about Ethereum. This is when they started growing interested in ETH and wanted to know more about it. Once they started exploring […]

Learn about cryptocurrency wallets and their purpose

As the cryptocurrency industry has grown in size, its security has become one of the most critical aspects. People want to make sure that their funds are kept safe and protected. They do not want their assets to fall into the hands of criminals or hackers.  With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry has […]

How big is Forex Trading Market and How big is its top Trading Pair?

For billions of people from around the world, the internet has proven to be a utility that has connected them no matter how far they are. However, internet technology has achieved much more than that, and especially, it has provided a huge platform for the investors’ community. With the foundation of the commercial internet, the […]

Cryptocurrency Mining is Indeed Coming Back as a Trend

Although the cryptocurrency industry had been around since 2009, not many people had known about them until late 2017. This was the time when cryptocurrencies broke through for the first time and gave a glimpse of their potential. This was the time when people from around the world started exploring the cryptocurrency industry.  That is […]

Surprise! Bitcoin and Ethereum are not the Only Cryptocurrencies in the Crypto-Verse

Since 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has come a very long way, and it has finally started achieving its true purpose and goal. The industry is now being adopted by many mainstream institutions and retail investors.  With time, the cryptocurrency industry has become so popular that most independent internet users who never heard of cryptocurrencies are […]

Where do you think Bitcoin is headed by the end of 2021?

It has been almost a year since Bitcoin (BTC) has been shocking the entire world with its market presence. Although it had been outperforming the rest of the cryptocurrencies ever since its launch, it really proved its worth the year 2020 came to an end. Since the end of 2020, Bitcoin has been flying high […]

2 Dec Weather in Cayman

Thu Dec 2 2021 Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Mostly sunny today and partly cloudy tonight. Humidity: 80% (UP from yesterday)UV: 6.4 HIGH (Same as yesterday) Expected temperatures: 74°F to 86°F. Yesterday: H 85.6°F  L 74.5°FWinds: Today: NE 10-20 mph Tonight: NE 10-20 mph Barometer: 1015.60 mb Steady Rain: Last month: 4.04 inLast 24 hrs (since […]

Cayman: RCIPS launches 2021 Holiday Safety Campaign

1 December 2021 RCIPS’ holiday safety operation, Winter Guardian, commences today, 1 December, and will see increased community foot patrols and intensified road enforcement operations, supported by road safety education and awareness campaigns. The operation continues throughout the holiday season and into the New Year in an effort to ensure the safety of members of […]

Cayman: CUC provides update on CORE DER programmes- December 1st 2021 (002)

CUC provides an update to the CORE and DER programmes Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (“CUC”) is pleased to advise customers that the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (“OfReg”) has approved the allocation of an additional 3 megawatts (“MW”) capacity to the Consumer Owned Renewable Energy (“CORE”) and Distributed Energy Resource (“DER”) programmes. This means that […]