December 3, 2021

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COVID-19 Update 13 October 2021, 15 NEW Positives, 109,668 vaccinations given

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee, reports that as of 8am Wednesday, 13 October, there have been 618 PCR tests since the last report on Tuesday, 12 October.  Of these, there is a total of 15 positive tests comprising two positive tests in travellers and 13 positive tests from the community which include eight […]

UWI’S First Global Climate-Smart Institute

The UWI Regional Headquarters, Jamaica. Tuesday, October 12, 2021—The Caribbean now has its own Global Institute for Climate-Smart and Resilient Development resourced by leading experts from The University of the West Indies (The UWI) and backed by high profile regional and international partner institutions—the likes of the United Nations Development Programme, Open Society Foundations and […]

5 tips to deal with a car lockout situation

Cars are intended to be a convenience and safety aid for everyone. Today, almost everyone owns a car, which makes our lives considerably easier. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen and we find ourselves locked out of the car. It can be a frustrating and stressful situation especially when you are in a hurry. It is important […]

A Special Edition of APLF to be held in Dubai from 30 March – 1 April 2022

The Organisers announced that APLF-Leather, Materials+ and Fashion Access 2022 will be relocated from Hong Kong to Dubai, UAE, from 30 March – 1 April 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).  The decision was made after extensive discussions with leather industry associations and exhibitors who have contributed to the success of APLF over the years.  The Hong Kong government’s announcement […]

To find out if ExxonMobil really supports a carbon tax, just follow the money

Despite claiming to endorse a carbon tax, ExxonMobil has funneled millions of dollars to lawmakers who oppose the idea. By Elliott Negin / Independent Media Institute When then-ExxonMobil lobbyist Keith McCoy conceded in a secretly recorded video in May that the oil giant voiced support for a carbon tax only because it assumed it would never happen, ExxonMobil CEO Darren […]

Cayman: Deadline for Applications – TSG Farmers’ Assistance, Project is Friday, October 15

Grand Cayman – Commercial farmers are reminded that the deadline to submit applications for the Tropical Storm Grace Farmers’ Assistance Project is Friday, October 15. The project, which has Government funding of $3 million dollars, is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture with oversight from the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure. It is aimed […]

8 most fascinating facts about nursing

What we do know about nursing is that it’s a noble profession requiring a lot of dedication and sacrifice. As patients, we know that the nurses are always there for major as well as minor needs, questions, counsel, and comfort. If you happen to be working in this particular industry, you may be familiar with […]

Best solution to reach remote work success during the Pandemic: A guide to a freelance copywriting career

Are you looking for a successful work-from-home career during the pandemic? Freelance copywriting offers the best route to success. You must have seen copywriting over and over during your search for a successful work-from-home career. First, you must understand that “copywriting” has nothing to do with its legal homophone. What Then Is Copywriting? It is […]

Heatmaps: An excellent tool to optimize your online business

By Adam Kiss Today, in the online world, almost every business also has an online store. Thousands of products and services, a huge range of products, and millions of internet users every day. This is what characterizes today’s online market. But still, how could you stay afloat and grow in this market? What are the […]

13 Oct Weather in Cayman & Tropical Report, 1 Dist

13 Oct Wed 2021 TROPICAL REPORT ATLANTIC Tropical Weather Outlook Tropical Weather Outlook (en Español*)800 AM EDT Wed Oct 13 2021 EASTERN PACIFIC Tropical Weather Outlook Tropical Weather Outlook (en Español*)800 AM EDT Wed Oct 13 2021 Hurricane Pamela PAMELA REGAINS HURRICANE STRENGTH WHILE ITS CENTER NEARS THE COAST. Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Isolated showers along with light […]