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Waterproof or water-resistant: Is there a difference? 

When we are buying smartphones and wearable technology today, we are constantly bombarded with messages and claims that they can be used while swimming, in the rain, under water and so on. Of course, we don’t want our newest gadget to get wet and stop working, so we are paying attention to these messages. However, […]

Creativity #lockdown2020

Gordon Solomon – Creativity #lockdown2020 GORDON SOLOMON APRIL  2020  NEWSLETTER Based on my research at the Cayman Islands National Archives the stories of the Cimboco were revealed.  This painting reflects one story: On May 1942 when a United Fruit Company ship was torpedoed off Grand Cayman the Cimboco and its crew came to the rescue! April’s offer is […]

US: Newly revealed texts show Strzok, page altered Flynn interview notes

By David A. Patten From Newsmax Yet another bombshell development emerged Thursday in the case of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn: the release of additional exculpatory evidence FBI officials had withheld from the courts and the defense for three years. Crucially, this includes evidence that the Bureau’s official “302 report” filed by the […]

Cayman: Ombudsman office services continue through COVID-19 response

Although the Office of the Ombudsman closed its Anderson Square office to the public on 16 March to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, our services have continued uninterrupted. The office has continued to be fully operational with employees working full-time from home, receiving rerouted calls and emails and responding as if they were […]

Cayman improves COVID testing resilience

From The Cayman Islands Governor’s Office Cayman’s ability to sustain significant COVID 19 testing was given a boost over the last two days with the arrival of 52,000 swabs which are used to collect samples. A further 100,000 swabs are also due to arrive in Cayman shortly. Like all supplies connected to the testing process, […]

Mental illness is epidemic during social isolation

By Lynn Allison From Newsmax Social isolation and loneliness are linked to both the worsening of cardiovascular disease and mental health issues, according to studies. These health issues tend to get worse the more we are alone, say experts, who add the impact on your health might be as detrimental as smoking or obesity. Life expectancy […]


A call to prayer & fasting commences Thu (30) Thank you for joining us for #PrayCayman! Every 30 minutes, a prayer leader will log on and lead us through our prayer points. We encourage you to pray along with us during this time. For more info, check out — We are calling for the […]

Nevis Teacher reads bedtime stories to grade two students using mobile phone!

By Sisera Simon Head, Education Development Management Unit, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, OECS Thursday, April 30, 2020 — As early grade teachers across the OECS find ways to connect and support their students – one teacher in Nevis has actively decided to ensure that her students can hear her voice on evenings. Ms. Kimoy Sweeney […]

Could COVID-19 trigger a bigger ‘Brain Drain’ of Caribbean nurses?

By R.D. Miller After this unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, what will be the job satisfaction rate of these facilities, healthcare systems, and nurses scorecards across the Caribbean? Each year, hundreds of young people receive nurses’ degrees and critical medical assistant training throughout the Caribbean. Health services studies have shown that between 21 and 33 percent […]

CARPHA collaborates with The University of Trinidad and Tobago to strengthen health education and research in the Caribbean

Thursday, April 30, 2020 — Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago — The need to enhance national capacities to deliver public health goods and services to address new and emerging public health priorities in the Caribbean is paramount. On-going teaching, training and collaboration are key ways in which the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has been supporting the CARPHA […]

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