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Archives for January 13, 2020

Taiwan elections: Hong Kong protesters in Taipei celebrate Tsai Ing-wen’s election victory, hold anti-government demonstration

By Kimmy Chung From SCMP Dozens of Hongkongers in Taipei use president’s victory rally as platform to champion their anti-government cause Tsai’s triumph declared a boost for protesters, president tells crowd ‘friends in Hong Kong will be glad’ at outcome Dozens of Hongkongers in Taipei use president’s victory rally as platform to champion their anti-government […]

Spain: Hefty sentences sought for graft in Saudi arms deals

By Eli Moskowitz From OCCRP Spanish prosecutors are seeking decades-long sentences for eight individuals suspected of having bribed Saudi officials to get contracts to export weapons, as part of an investigation into corruption that had been going on for 25 years, El Mundo reported.   Charges indicate that well over US$100 million in bribes were paid by the […]

The true cost of Britain’s network of fiscal paradises

In a separate November 2019 filing in the Cayman Islands Grand Court, the GIC expressed concerns over the conduct of KGL Investment Company (KGLI), the sponsor and placement agent of the Port Fund By Jess Young From the London Economic The Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC), a supranational financial institution owned by the six Gulf countries, […]

What’s up with Goldman Sachs’ secret Cayman project?

From The Wealth Advisor (RawStory) Goldman Sachs, the behemoth Wall Street investment bank whose former president was Trump’s top economic adviser, claims it isn’t connected to a company that bears its name. The two businesses also share the same offices, the same phone number and some of the same employees. Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Marketing LLC is seeking federal approval to sell […]

Cayman: DEH set to collect Christmas trees for mulch

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) wishes to advise the public that bins have now been placed for the public to drop off Christmas trees. Locations include: Spotts Dock The Cricket Grounds, George Town The George Town Landfill 24 hour drop off site The trees will be collected and mulched in the landfill. The mulch […]

Cayman: Dangerous activity in the vicinity of Owen Roberts International Airport

There have been an increasing number of sightings of Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) reported in the vicinity of Owen Roberts International Airport. Yesterday, Thursday 09 January 2020, a disabled drone was found within the perimeter of the Airport very near to the runway and its operation in such close proximity to arriving and departing aircraft […]

Study: No strong link between baby powder, ovarian cancer

From Newsmax There’s been a longstanding debate — and a slew of lawsuits — over whether baby powder containing talc plays any role in the development of some cancers. A large new study isn’t likely to settle the controversy any time soon. The latest research included more than 250,000 women and failed to find a […]

Caribbean Airlines Domestic Air Bridge Operations 2019

Port of Spain, January 13, 2020. Caribbean Airlines is pleased to provide an update on its domestic operations for 2019. For the period January 01 to December 31, 2019, the statistics are:  The total number of seats provided: 1,145,193. A capacity increase of 91,129 more seats than in 2018.  The total number of […]

Cayman: Water-related death on North Church Street, last Sat (11)

From RCIPS 13 Jan 2020 Shortly after 3:30PM on Saturday, 11 January, the 9-1-1 Communications Centre received a report of a person in distress at a location on North Church Street, George Town. A man had been snorkeling when he encountered difficulties and was assisted back to shore. Emergency services attended the scene and the […]

Evidence of absence

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio There’s a famous aphorism that really resonates with me. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” Just because traditional audio measurements don’t tell us much of anything about how a product sounds doesn’t mean all same measuring products sound alike. Yes, it’s the old measurements vs. listening debate […]