September 19, 2020

2013 Cayman Islands General Elections programme published


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Election Day is WEDNESDAY 22ND MAY 2013

Set out below is the timetable and programme for next year’s elections together with the 2013 (expected Public Holidays).

With less than ten months to get this country “back on track” and “in the black” before the Legislative Assembly (LA) is dissolved and a referendum to get over on July 18th government should be earning their pay.

It is very doubtful the one man, one vote (OMOV) ballot will result in a “Yes”, even though it is the most democratic system and used by the largest majority of democracies worldwide. The reason is because the government is pulling every “trick” in the book to see it doesn’t succeed. They are recommending the whole country stay away and not vote at all at their own referendum!

Hardly democratic but they have their own agenda and a month is a year in politics.

Even if it doesn’t happen there are changes afoot. Registered voters will, for the first time, be electing an 18 strong parliament. With George Town having six representatives, West Bay and Bodden Town four, you can be sure a lot of people will come out of the woodwork to try and become your representative. East End and North Side will remain as now one each (isn’t that the same as one man, one vote?) and the Sister Islands get their two.

And all this requires government to amend the election law before the LA dissolution and there will also be an additional cabinet minister.

How ever did we manage to run the Cayman Islands before all this?

And one last thing you should note, you do not have to be naturalised to be able to vote. If you are Caymanian or have Caymanian status you can vote. But you must be registered and you have to do this before 1st January, 2013.

Looks like we are ALL going to be busy. And remember – a no show at the Referendum is a vote – it’s “NO”.


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