October 27, 2020

2009 International Code Training Classes concluded


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Department of Planning wishes to thank the public for their patience while staff were engaged in the 2009 International Code Training Sessions. The training concluded successfully on October 18th 2013. The training which started in July of this year was intended to improve the Department of Planning’s performance and efficiency as the Cayman Islands Government transitions to the 2009 International family of Codes in early 2014. In the coming weeks the Department of Planning would ask the public to continue to be reasonable in their expectations, as staff involved in the training exercise will have a back log of applications to clear, in addition to preparing for certification examinations. The Department will make every effort to become current with its work flow as soon as practicable.

The Director of Planning Mr. Haroon Pandohie commended Department of Planning staff for their herculean efforts over the past four months. Mr Pandohie noted that “it was a huge commitment for staff to spend 5 hours a day in training, while continuing with regular duties for another 4‐5 hours each day.” Mr. Pandohie also expressed gratitude to staff member Mrs. Jacqueline Bleicher, “who worked tirelessly to organize the training.” He said that long term both the Department of Planning and the public would benefit from the Departments’ investment in its personnel and similarly the staffs’ investment of time and energy, expended in dedicating themselves to their career development.

Mr. Pandohie also gave kudos to Mr. John England CBO, MCP of England Training Divisions, a US based, International Code Council Certified Training Consultancy. “Mr. England conducted the staff and public training and in the relatively short space of time proved himself an invaluable resource with a depth of knowledge on the International Codes.”  Mr. Pandohie continued; “This training exercise would not have been the success it was without Mr. England’s contribution, and the efforts of Ms. Bleicher, for which the Department is most grateful. We wish Mr. England every success in his future endeavors and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

The public is asked to please be patient with Department of Planning staff, as they address the backlog due to the 2009 International Code Training exercise.  The public are welcome to direct any queries in Grand Cayman to 244‐6501 and any queries for Cayman Brac to 948‐2222.

PHOTO: Attendees at the ADA( Disability Standards ) Class with Trainer Mr. John England 17th October 2013

(From left Back Row Planning Staff ; David Verhoeven , Ken Wright, Michael Pratt, Jason Ebanks, Erwin Schmid, Luis Duquesne‐Eden. Charles Alberga, Kerry‐Ann Picard, Maurice Lawson, Karen Griffiths, Neville Faulknor, James Smith, John England ( Trainer)

From Left Front Row;Dubadah Boldeau (PWD) John Levien ( Brac), Samantha McField , Kenneth Kennedy, and Jacqueline Bleicher) Photo credits: Jon –Andrew Japal


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