August 9, 2022

194 persons currently unable to vote in Cayman Islands elections

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A total of 194 electors listed with incorrect addresses will not be able to vote in the 24 May 2017 General Elections if their information is not correct before 20 February.

Following the registration process that culminated in the release of the revised voters list on 31 January, the period for claims and objections to the revised voters list began on 1 February and will continue until 20 February.

This will be followed by a formal review process during which a Magistrate, the Revising Officer, will decide on the objections. The district Registering Officers will take into account additional changes, if any, from the judicial process and publish the Final Voters List on 1 April. Only those on that final list will be eligible to vote in May.

Yet, during the registration and list verification processes, the Elections Office was unable to contact, by telephone, email or during door-to-door visits, 194 persons with incorrect addresses. This number represents 0.9% of the 21,465 voters on the revised list. Their addresses with historical (many registered before 2009) house numbers and addresses do not match the official Cayman Islands street numbers and address database.

The list of names with incorrect addresses has been posted along with the revised list on the Elections Office website at

I urge the public to review at the names of the 194 persons on list and contact us with updated contact details or other information in person or by email at [email protected] or phone 949-8047 before 20 February,” Supervisor of Elections Mr. Wesley Howell advised.

If the Registering Officers cannot locate these persons and update their voter information during the claims and objection period that ends 20 February, the Registering Officers will file objections to these persons – whose addresses could not be confirmed – being included in the Final Voters List that will be published 1 April,” the Supervisor elaborated.

Consequently, if the Magistrate Revising Officer upholds those objections, those persons cannot vote in the General Elections,” he emphasised.

In addition to the 194 persons, this period of public review of the revised list and for claims and objections filed is a critical step in publishing an accurate official list of Electors. “I urge all persons to go online, or in person at post offices and check the revised voter details listed without delay and, if necessary, to file claims or objections before the 20 February deadline,” added Mr. Howell.

Photo caption Photo by Bina Mani, GIS:

Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Wesley Howell

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