July 30, 2021

17 vintage photos

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red-vintage-car17 vintage photos that will take you back to the good old days

By Dasha Battelle From Mashable

There’s nothing quite like the gentle crackle of a vinyl record, or the soft threads of a worn in T-shirt. Classic cars, the aged pages of leather bound books – it’s the stuff we cling to, the relics of our past that’ll turn any of us into modern day hoarders.

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Last week, we asked Mashable readers to submit vintage photographs. The submissions we received truly captured the passing of time. Whether it was through masterful use of soft yellow filters, or nostalgia-inducing subject matter, each image created a vintage vibe that brought us back to the good old days.

Scroll through our featured picks below, and check out all of the other submissions here.

  1. Retro ride
  1. Early typewriter
  1. Old school whip
  1. Breakfast for two
  1. Turnt up tunes
  1. Classy lights
  1. Beach scene
  1. May they rust in peace
  1. Wistful willow
  2. Vintage Vinyl
  3. Balloon Bath
  4. Foggy Friend
  5. Sunset drive
  6. Back to his roots
  7. Double-decker
  8. Looking up
  9. Ancient tech

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