December 3, 2021

11 best coffee spots to try when visiting Cayman Islands

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Coffee lovers, rejoice. The Cayman Islands has the best coffee spots that serve your favorite espresso shots, lattes, and cold brews, perfect for the caffeine addicts to enjoy. Whether you are looking to grab your morning cup of joe to start the day or to get that extra energy boost to pull an all-nighter, Cayman has a variety of coffee shops and drinks for you to explore. 

Below are 11 of the best coffee spots to try when you happen to visit the Cayman Islands. These shops offer the best foods and drinks, complete with a relaxing atmosphere so you can fully enjoy your coffee experience. 

1. Paperman’s Coffeehouse

One of the most famous coffee chains in the Cayman Islands is Paperman’s Coffeehouse. It is the go-to spot among locals for fresh and aromatic coffee. They offer a lot of variations of coffee drinks and teas as well for non-coffee drinkers. 

Aside from drinks, the pastries and cookies from Paperman’s Coffeehouse are also a delight. They are freshly made and very tasty, perfect to go with a java drink.  

2. Islands Natural Café

The Islands Natural Café is known for its natural, organic, and gluten-free menu, perfect for health-conscious consumers. 

If you follow a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, you will enjoy the Islands Natural Café. Their wide range of caffeinated drinks is also organic, rich with that natural aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The smell of delicious coffee will fill your senses as soon as you enter the shop. 

3. Jessie’s Juice Bar Café

Perfectly made coffee is one of the best specialties of Jessie’s Juice Bar Café, aside from their cold juices and beverages. You can also take delight with the pretty decoration on top of their coffee drinks, perfect for an aesthetic photo. 

Aside from their great food and drinks, the ambiance in Jessie’s Juice Bar Café is also perfect for relaxation. The place is warm and cozy, with an outdoor space where you can enjoy your cup of joe surrounded by beautiful tropical plants.  

4. Icoa

If you want to try a fusion of Asian flavors, you might want to visit Icoa. This place is a hidden gem, a stylish café with foods and drinks inspired by different cultures. Their menu also serves vegan and gluten-free foods for the health-conscious crowd. 

Icoa is an excellent place to hang out and chill out while enjoying your freshly brewed coffee. And if you don’t know which drink to get, you can order their Chai latte. You will not be disappointed.  

5. Bread and Chocolate

Warm and relaxing best describes Bread and Chocolate. The place is very comfortable and nicely designed. However, if we talk about coffee, this vegan joint serves one of the best tasting creamy Cappuccino in the Cayman Islands that you should taste. 

To go with their excellent tasting coffee, Bread and Chocolate serves pastries and bread, which are a treat to the taste buds. The service is impressive as well with friendly staff. 

6. Kaibo Beach Espresso

When it comes to the best coffee spots, you cannot skip on Kaibo Beach Espresso. This coffee shop is known and loved for its cold brew. To go with it, they also serve pastries and other snacks on the menu. 

The beach and the outdoor view are a plus. While enjoying your coffee, you also get a stunning waterfront to admire. It is the perfect view for snapping some photos.

7. Cayman Creperie

Cayman Creperie, as it is named, is known for its sweet and delicious crepes. Their crepes are unquestionably one of the best crepes in the Cayman Islands, but their coffee menu also has a lot to offer. They serve latte, americano, cappuccino, and other delicious coffee drinks. Overall, the Cayman Creperie is a great place to get your espresso while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea. 

8. Bluestone Lane Café 

Bluestone Lane Café is what a coffee house should be. The shop has a beautiful interior with a calming vibe. No wonder it is a common meeting place among locals and friends to hang out and laze around. The design of the place is very pleasing, with an atmosphere that is cozy and chic. 

Their coffee menu does not disappoint, with their lattes being the most popular among the regulars. Every brew uses only fresh and organic ingredients, and every sip will leave you very satisfied. 

9. Daily Grind Café

The Daily Grind Cafe offers a variety of delicious brews to help you with your daily grind. This coffee house serves both hot and iced coffee. But it is their frappes that are on a different level, and a must try. And you can pair it with their sweet pastries and snacks.

The ambiance in the shop is excellent. It is a small place, and once you enter the coffee place, you can smell the sweet aroma of a freshly created brew. 

10. South West Collective

The name South West Collective has a nice ring to it. This trendy bar is known in the area for its selection of beers and cocktails. But their coffee menu is also impressive. This place serves great coffee with tasty food. 

Not to mention the stunning beach view you can enjoy while sipping your favorite drink. No wonder this place is popular in the area. 

11. Café Del Sol

Café del Sol is a cozy spot where you can get lost in your thoughts and relax. They offer some of the best-prepared coffee drinks in the Cayman Islands and with a wide range of options. For coffee addicts, you should not miss out on their espresso creations. 

Café del Sol also serves an enticing selection of sweet treats and pastries to go with the coffee. Their sandwiches are a favorite among the regulars. 

Final Thoughts 

The coffee culture in the Cayman Islands is very much alive. You can see a fusion of different foreign flavors as well as locally sourced ones. If you happen to visit the Cayman Islands, then you know where to head to get the best coffee drink for you to try. Explore and enjoy every cup. 

This article was written by Charles Vallena, managing editor for Cuppabean

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