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1000 Man March Outreach launches website

1000 Man March Outreach Launches Website

The organisers of the 1000 Man March outreach launched a new website on Friday, May 11th 2012.  The Board gathered at the National Gallery with invited guests and sponsors for the unveiling and presentation of the site.

Mr. Phil Jackson, one of the board members for 1000 Man March Outreach, gave the overview presentation of the website, but also gave a motivational speech that spoke to the values and goals of the 1000 Man March Outreach.  He spoke to how it had changed him, “In society, we often measure a man’s success by his position, title, academic achievements or how wealthy he is. As men we are not regularly evaluated at our performance of being a Father, husband, or the success of our home life.  After signing the 1000 Man March pledge, I gained a renewed purpose and focus on engaging with my children and strengthening the relationship with my wife.  I have made a commitment to be the best father and husband possible”.

Mr. Ormond Williams, Cayman National President, challenged the 1000 Man March Outreach to partner with local not-for-profits and existing mentoring programs.  He reiterated the organizations goal of aligning with other local mentoring programmes to make a difference in Cayman without re-creating any efforts that were already in place.  “There are strength in numbers, and strength in partnerships.  I challenge you to find partnerships within other organizations in the Cayman community.” Cassius Feare, Chairman of the 1000 Man March Outreach, welcomed this challenge and confirmed that this was part of the overall strategy.

Another sponsor, Wesley Howell, owner of FSH Design Ltd, took part in one of the websites main features, by signing an online Pledge form during the ceremony – agreeing to the 14 declarations of the 1000 Man March Pledge. The website offers a digital record for all who have signed the pledge electronically.  It also has a comments section, for those who want to share experiences, ask for help, or just leave a comment.

Jackson explained, “The board came to the conclusion that it was important to offer an interactive experience for the community as a whole.  The 1000 Man March Outreach now includes videos, comments, Facebook, online pledging and resources. It is a real resource tool that can be utilized by the community and that was our goal.  We hope to share the resources with young men to help build their character and leadership skills.”

The 1000 Man March outreach is a non-denominational kingdom-building group of men, started in 2010.  The movement was founded to mentor and inspire young men by changing their mindset and way of thinking, in order to strengthen families and marriages and for men to play an active role in their families and community.

For more information on 1000 Man March Outreach visit, by email at [email protected],


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