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10 things you should have in your dream home

There are hundreds of things that all independent women should have in their homes. Below, we share a list of must-haves for your beautiful home:

1.     Complete set of tableware

Forget about using mismatching plates and glasses, or worse still, disposables! Invest in a beautiful tableware set that combines the colors of your home. We recommend that you have enough for eight people, then every time you have guests you’ll have enough.

2.     Alive and Green

Put artificial plants to the side and swamp them with natural ones. These will give life to your home! If you’ve never had plants before, we recommend starting with succulents or cactuses, which you will love.

3.     Books and shelves

We know that reading is one of the best habits you can have. What better than putting all your books in the same place? Additionally, if you put them in your living or sitting room they will serve as decorations.

4.     Wineglasses

It’s always good to have beautiful glasses for celebrating any achievement. You don’t need to buy them all at once.  Save and buy them little by little, only choosing brands that don’t change their design often.

5.     Full body mirror

Before you leave your house, it’s essential that you check your look from head to toe. Another tip is to put the mirror in a closed room to give it more breadth and depth.

6.     Blender

Upgrade yourself! Stop asking your grandma to borrow hers. These days there are culinary centers that will help you save space and time. With only one device you can make a myriad of dishes, from cake batter to your own cake. The Mini Culinary Center from KitchenAid is the ideal size and comes in a wide variety of colors.

7.     Comfortable mattress

Did you know that we are asleep a third of our lives? Therefore, having the perfect mattress is essential for any home. We suggest that you take the time to invest in a quality one.

8.     Bed sheets

As we mentioned in the previous point, you will spend a lot of time in your bedroom. Having a pretty bedspread that matches the decorations and colors in your room says that you are the kind of person that pays attention to details.

9.     Coffee machine

There’s nothing better to share with guests than a delicious cup of coffee. There are many types of coffee, nevertheless, the KitchenAid Siphon Brewer is the perfect mix of technology and sophistication.

10.  Rug or carpet

Whether dividing spaces or adding a little color, these are perfect for putting your own touch on any area of your house. Choose one that fits properly and is easy to clean.


If you follow these 10 tips, we’re sure that your home will be the envy of anyone who visits.


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