October 2, 2023

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calvin-klein davidoff-cool-water screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-9-49-56-am ralph-lauren-polo-red hugo-boss-number-6 ralph-lauren-polo-blue bulvagari-aqva azzaro-chrome lacoste-noir screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-9-50-16-am10 best perfume for men that make ladies crazy

By Jane Sills From Olwomen

Do you have a hot date? Or are you looking to go to a bar or a club with a few friends to pick some girls? Or are you looking to catch her attention? Then you got to have to smell and look right. To smell right you have to use the best perfume for men that are out there. By smelling good you automatically become more desirable to the other sex.

The best perfume for men often have dark scents, husky scents, smoky and woody, and a rich feel about them. Also if you are looking to gift your man the right kind of perfume then you are in luck as I have compiled a list of Best perfume for men, thereby making your job much easier. This is not an international standard, rather based on personal preferences. For better understanding, it would be great if you take over a glimpse at enthralling perfumes for women.

Bvlgari Aqua is one of the most expensive and sought after perfumes throughout the world. It rightfully gets the number ten spot in the 10 best perfume for men list. It gives a strong husky, yet a cool ocean like refreshing scent. It is long lasting and blends in nicely with the natural body scent. Why ladies dig it? Well because it doesn’t give you the extreme pungent smell that most perfumes have. That not only cause irritation to you and your nostrils but also the ladies that you want to impress. Bvlgari Aqua on the other hand has a nice easy scent that makes them go rawr!

Ralph Lauren Polo blue takes the ninth spot on the best perfume for men list. It is an outdoorsy perfume, with a fresh crisp scent. It has the scent of the fresh air that you usually get around the cold sea. It is the ultimate perfume for you surfer boy! And guess what it is not too expensive either. Ladies love a guy who smells like the outdoors.

Did you ever stop and wonder what could be the best inexpensive gifts for women as well?

Azzaro Chrome is one of the high class scents produced by Azzaro. Taking the number 8 spot on the best perfume for men list, Azzaro chrome brings you a little woody and nutty scent. This can work both for the office or a date night. It gives the fresh scent of alpine forest. This is ever so refreshing. It’s refreshing feel is doubled by the icy underlay in the scent.

Calvin Klein is renowned for making boxers for men and other apparel but it has also developed repute for producing for sophisticated and sough after fragrances. The Calvin Klein eternity is rightfully at number 7 at the best perfume for men list. It carries the scent of lavender, citrus bite, and chilled cucumber. All these three blend in perfectly to give a perfume that can be used at any time of the day.
Ladies if you want your man to seem a little daring or gentlemen if you want to appeal a little daring and bold to the ladies. Then try out the Ralph Lauren Polo Red. It is a blend created from the red grapefruit fragrances, red saffron, citrus, and redwood. So guys get your seduction on with Ralph Lauren Polo Red, and add a little x-factor to your game.

At number five in the best perfume for men list is Hugo Boss Number 6. This is one perfume which is loved by all even the person who is said to be extremely picky about his choice of perfume. It is classy, sophisticated, gives a powerful and executive smell. It works both as a hot and heavy night time scent and as a sweet and sexy day time smell. It is the perfect all rounder.

Old Spice is an old time classic that has been constantly underrated and is not valued as much as it should. However it’s fantastic smell, which brings out the macho man in you takes to number 4 on the best perfume for men list. Old spice is the epitome of masculinity. It is a must for every man.
Whether you are looking for a fragrance for yourself or whether you ladies out there are looking for a fragrance for your man. This is the best solution for men with all sorts of personalities. It has an aquatic feeling scent with a marine freshness which is copied by many other men’s fragrance. It is like a blast of fresh ocean air.

It is one of the strongest smelling fragrances for men. And it would be unfair if it did not make it on the best perfume for men list. It gives a fresh blast of the marine air. Its scent is representative of the word aqua and there is a reason it’s called cool water because it sure does give the feel and scent of icy Cool Ocean. It is an instant chick magnet.

Last on the list of best perfume for men is none other than lacoste Noir which gives a refreshing warm summer fragrance. It is the perfect fragrance for outdoorsy and sports guy.
The list of best perfume for men could have been an extensive one. However, this list focuses on the most sought after and desired perfume for men. That is not too pricey and is still sophisticated, high class, and smells ever so good. These are readily available and are just the perfect fragrance for any man and for any occasion. Whether you are going on a date, or going to work, or even if you are just going to hang out it with your buds at the bar.

These fragrances will sure help you stand out and get the attention of the ladies around you. For the ladies, no man can say no to these fragrances as these are the ones that are desired by men the most. So hopefully now picking out a gift for your man has become much easier. Don’t go asking around, just buy anyone of these and your man will love it for sure.

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