April 11, 2021

10 best ideas for business startups: Ultimate guide to entrepreneurship 2021

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By Stella Lincoln

The idea of entrepreneurship is gaining rapid popularity. The majority of fresh graduates prefer to run their own business rather than doing the job.


Though being an entrepreneur in 2021 is more difficult contrary to previous years. The pandemic has shifted the business dynamics. 

Therefore, instead of following the traditional business model, it is recommended to bring innovation to business. It is necessary to bring innovation as 22.5% of business fails within the first year. 

Let’s discuss some of the innovative startup ideas to use in 2021.  

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping business model is based on three entities; online store, supplier and consumer. The consumer will place an order on the online store.

The order will be stores, packed, and shipped by the supplier. You’ll work as a channel of communication between the entities and earn your profit. 

See the following illustration, which explains the model in more detail; 


Using this business model’s core benefits is that you don’t have to store or purchase inventory by yourself. This exempts the need of owning and managing a warehouse, saving a fortune.

  1. Translator

People who are multilingual always secure their position in the market. If you can speak more than one international language, then you can work as a translator. 

Due to globalization, business is expanding across borders. Lingual barriers are the only thing that hurdles them in doing so. Therefore translators are required. 

Get yourself registered on free job platforms from where you can acquire clients. 

Once you earn a market reputation, you can hire your translators, providing different lingual services. Focus on Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic, as these are the most spoken languages.     

  1. Print on Demand

Print on demand is a vast domain of providing customized design on different elements. It works in a simpler manner. 

The customer place order on your platform, you forwarded the order to the vendor. Now the vendor will print, pack, and ship the product, and you’ll secure your profit. 

Therefore, it reduces your effort and investment requirement. You can create your store on the Shopify store or install print-on-demand apps like Printify. 

For the promotion of the business, influencer marketing is considered the most effective one. You can request any influencer to promote your product on different social media platforms.

  1. Home Catering

If you have a love for food, then this one is for you. The home catering business is a rapidly growing business field. There are two options for starting this business. If you know how to cook, then be the chef and cook for smaller parties and events. 

This will incur a lesser initial investment. Another way is to hire two to three chefs who are expert in their domain and hit a larger market. Though, in both cases, you’ll need some initial investment. 

If you go for smaller events, then you can manage on your own. But, creating a website for this business is necessary. 

It is suggested to hire female migrant, especially from South Asia. These women are expert in cooking and will demand a lesser amount, contrary to professional restaurant chefs.   

  1. Website Flipping

Website flipping is a business idea that caught everyone’s attention. It is a simpler business model with a greater margin of profit. It involves buying older website domains that are abandoned or obsolete. 

After purchasing the website, refurbish the interface, and update content. Now you can resell this website on different platforms.

The older the domain you purchase, the greater profits you can earn. For increasing the optimization of the website, you can also use SEO and other marketing tactics. 

Shopify’s market place is the best platform to sell and purchase websites.     

  1. Personal Shopper

If you have a keen eye on fashion, you will be a successful personal shopper. Apparels and fashion sense are the main element of personality. But many people lack these two necessary elements. Therefore, they hire personal shoppers. 

As a personal shopper, you’ll be responsible for shopping on your client’s behalf. You’ll have to access their wardrobe and inquire about their budget. Now you’ll be free to purchase a product from any online or physical store.

The attractive element is that it does not need any expertise, degree, or even investment for this business.

  1. Virtual Dance Studio

If you are an expert dancer, then this one is for you. The virtual dance studio is to teach dance to students virtually. 

You don’t need to teach online; it can be in the form of recorded video. You are exempted from the monetary strains of renting a studio and sound system. You can do all this within a room with the help of an HD camera.

To learn how it works, see the following image in which a girl is learning dance from a virtual dance studio;

It is the most successful one in the pandemic. As everyone is looking for physical activity and virtual dance is the best one. 

Ensure that you have high-speed internet and social media availability to contact your students as the 1st Class Dissertation did collaborate with students. 

8. Content Writing

Almost every business owns a website to reflect its digital presence. This increases the demand for a content generator for maintaining the website content, writing blogs and others. 

Therefore, starting a content writing company is the most beneficial business in recent times.

The investment depends on your expertise; if you are an expert writer, this business has no investment. 

You can get registered at; Remote.co, BloggingPro, and Problogger Jobs to find customers. 

You can also join social media pages of writers to reach larger target customers as students did for getting assignment help. But what if you are not an experienced writer? 

You can outsource the work on a freelancing platform and earn your profit. Or higher your writers and run a successful business.   

9. Email Marketing

Are you an expert in writing emails? Or you have cracked the code of suspense subject line? Then you can run a successful business of email marketing.

You can launch your own company which provides email marketing support to other businesses. You can use platforms like; PeoplePerHour and Upwork to outreach customers.  

Once you have reflects your expertise, clients will rush to acquire your services. The startup cost will only be incurred on email marketing tools.   

10 SEO

SEO experts generate backlinks and increase the optimization of the website. It is suggested to use social media platforms and freelancing profiles to grab customer attention.

Provide complete details about your digital marketing services that you will provide. Once you start getting clients, you can hire your SEO and digital marketing experts to expand your business.  

Ending Thoughts

Business dynamics has been changed a lot since the previous year. Innovative business models are required to be an entrepreneur in recent times. 

The business ideas that I have mentioned above are the most innovative ones to adopt in 2021. These businesses require lesser investments that can be done remotely. 

I hope these ideas will support you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.   

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Stella Lincoln is currently working as an Assistant Editor at Assignment Assistance and Student Essay, the organization famous for its coursework help UK. She had worked with several publishing houses, which increases her expertise as an Editor.

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