February 1, 2023

10 beer cocktails for your Super Bowl Party

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beerBy Laura Vitto From Mashable

The keys to throwing a great Super Bowl party are relatively simple: stock up on nacho cheese, mute the game in between commercials and, most importantly, make sure you never run out of beer.

If you’ve tuned into a football game for longer than 30 seconds, you know that the game isn’t about athletics or statistics. Rather, it’s about beer.

So while no party would be complete without it, it’s possible you’re bored of drinking the same old warm, domestic stuff straight from the can. Luckily, there are beer-based cocktail recipes that can ramp up even the blandest of brews.

As for the morning-after hangover? You’re on your own, there.

1. Black and Tanblack-and-tan


This popular mixed-beer cocktail simply layers Guinness over Smithwick’s Ale. The trick to perfecting this mix is pouring the Guinness into the glass over a spoon.

Image: Flickr, michaelcrane123

raspberry-beer    2. Raspberry Beer Cocktail


This fruity cocktail blends Corona, vodka and raspberry lemonade, and tastes similar to a punch.

Image: Flickr, iriskh

3. Micheladamichelada


This multi-step recipe requires ingredients you probably already have lying around your kitchen, including Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, soy sauce, lime juice and ground pepper. And Corona, of course.

Image: Flickr, ultramega

black-velvet 4. Black Velvet


Black Velvet cocktails dress up one part classic Guinness stout to two parts champagne or prosecco.

Image: Flickr, Bexx Brown-Spinelli

5. Snakebitesnakebite


The Snakebite is a cocktail made up of equal parts dry hard cider and stout beer.

Image: Flickr, Dinner Series

6. Beer Mojitoginger-beer-mojito


This unusual take on the classic mojito adds your favorite India Pale Ale into the mix.

Image: Flickr, Vin Crosbie

7. Lambic Sangrialambic-punch


This recipe calls for mixing Hoegaarden with Framboise lambic, a type of Belgian beer mixed with raspberry syrup.

Image: Flickr, jeffheuer

8. Cheladachelada-1


The Chelada mixes light lime juice and coarse salt with a light lager for a refreshing alternative to the classic Michelada.

Image: Flickr, ultramega


9. Lemon Shandylemon-shandy


This refreshing shandy blends mild Pilsner with fresh lemonade.

Image: Flickr, KittyKah

beer 10. Shock Me


A teaspoon of maple syrup compliments the bourbon and Southern Comfort in this brown ale-based cocktail. Image: Flickr, IRISKH

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