November 28, 2020

“I’m a bent Christmas tree”

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“After All, I’m Different”

“I’m by no means perfect, as you can see,
But I served a purpose as a Christmas tree.
For years and years I’ve been decorated
Until this year I’m suddenly berated.

“And why – just because I’m slightly bent?
At least I’m alive and full of pine scent.
And I’m an original kind of Christmas tree
Not like the decorated wires erected next to me.

“I really can’t understand why they’ve given up on me
Regardless of being a slightly crooked tree.
It’s not my fault I was transplanted as a tiny pine
And because I wasn’t staked is no fault of mine.

“At least I get noticed by most people passing
Even if they’re only concerned at how much I’m leaning.
We can’t all be perfect, I’m sure you’ll agree,
Whether we’re humans or just a simple tree.

“And I’m sure most people who gather around me each year,
Singing carols of Christmas and spreading good cheer
Will insist that the Rotary Club think again about poor little bent me
And reinstate my status as the nation’s Christmas tree!”

Note: This was the pine tree that was used in the area where Hero’s Square is now situated. For many years it was THE decorated tree used every Christmas for the big switch on every December to herald the beginning of Christmas at the Rotary Club Lessons and Carol Service with the Island’s top choirs and musicians all taking part. The tree had a bent top, which got more pronounced every year, as it grew taller. One year Rotary decided not to use it but erect a metal framed one decorated with lights much to Joan’s anger. Hence the poem.  Sadly, the tree was felled by Hurricane Ivan

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