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Work it out with Manuela Nemes

Fighting fit: Manuela Nemes

iWoman looks into the heathy lifestyle of Manuela Nemes who will be treating iNews to a weekly column on health and fitness starting this week.

“The last place where a man can intimidate me is in a gym,” said Ms. Manuela Nemes.

Ms. Nemes, originally from Bucharest Romania, lives in Grand Cayman sharing her knowledge of fitness and exercise as a trainer at Body Sculptor.

After moving to Toronto, Canada, Manuela says she began training in 1997 and became a personal trainer in 2001.

Ms. Nemes said her career in fitness and exercise came from a passion from her part time job while she always felt that her career, at the time, didn’t suit her personality.

“I always felt that my career in finance and my engineering degree never suited me. I wanted to be a trainer because of the satisfaction of changing people’s lives in a positive way, push them to reach their dreams that seem unrealistic at times, encourage them to maintain their motivation and not to give up.

“It’s amazing to notice bodies transforming, confidence raising and people becoming happier with themselves, more energetic, getting stronger and feeling younger.”

When women are having issues with their bodies and need empowerment, Manuela says.

“Do you want to look younger, feel better and live longer? Just do it! Drop any excuses and start with a good change. It doesn’t necessarily have to be going to the gym; you can train at home or opt for an activity that you enjoy doing.

“If you don’t like it, it probably won’t last very long and you’ve wasted your money.

“Also people don’t realise how important it is to eat healthy and regularly, and how easy it is avoiding processed foods and focusing on fibre and lean nutrients.”

Manuela says she hasn’t faced discrimination and will even share the same spot as a man at the gym and men have been very supportive of her.

“Men, especially trainers who know me, have always been extremely supportive.

“I do admire somebody who has a natural, fit and proportionate body, no matter if it’s a man or a woman.”

Working for Body Sculptor Fitness Centre, Manuela offers personal training sessions, small group workouts consisting of 4-6 persons, boot camps, yoga stretch classes on the beach and water aerobics in the sea.

Manuela spoke on her qualifications and the modules involved.

“I am certified as an ACE Personal Trainer and followed several courses including, Lifestyle and Weight Management, Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design as well as Strength programming for older adults.

Ms. Nemes’ quick tip to staying healthy and fit is to keep active and maintain healthy habits.

“Find all the reasons to keep active and have healthy habits. It will pay off in time no matter your age, busy schedule or physical limitations; you can always improve the quality of your life.

“Start by making gradual changes that would be easier to stick to.

“Focus on the benefits rather than the effort.

“If you have children, your lifestyle will have a huge impact on theirs and it is never too late to start a physical activity once you’ve made the first step.

“Don’t give up, maintain it. It is much easier to maintain than start back again.”

Look out for Manuela’s fitness tips coming soon in iNews.


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