December 16, 2018

Volkswagen’s new concept car has no steering wheel or pedals


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Volkswagen has kicked off its presence at this year’s with an electric, self-driving vehicle that’s more like a lounge on wheels than an actual car.

The atrociously named I.D. Vizzion has 665 kilometers (413 miles) of range and an incredibly sparse interior — think 3 but without a steering wheel or pedals.

The car will have an all-wheel drive system with dual electric motors and an output of 225 kW. It will have a huge, lithium-ion 111 kWh battery pack (for comparison, the Tesla Model X’s largest battery pack is 85 kWh).

That interior, though. It’s all comfy and nice with wooden details and soft carpets on the floor, with only some sort of holographic screen to entertain you and, perhaps, inform you.

Volkswagen says the I.D. Vizzion is designed for level 5 autonomy which means fully autonomous driving without any need for human intervention.

Obviously, the I.D. Vizzion is a just a concept at this stage, but the interesting thing about it is that Volkswagen swears it will actually bring this car to market in the not-too-distant future.

“The I.D. Vizzion is our very realistic vision for a Volkswagen of the future. And we will be offering this model – by the latest in 2022 as the top sedan in the I.D. family with the innovative I.D. cockpit and a steering wheel,” said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess.

Notice the mention of the steering wheel. We don’t know what the car Volkswagen actually brings to market will look like, but it will likely be significantly different from the concept outlined above.

The I.D. Vizzion is based on Volkswagen’s freshly developed modular electrification toolkit (MEB), which will be the basis of 15 fully electric cars by 2025, Volkswagen claims.

All-wheel drive, dual electric motors, 225 kW power.

No steering wheel. No anything, really.

I want that screen.

Well, that looks fun.

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