July 20, 2018

US: Did Manafort use Trump to curry favor with a Putin ally?


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From Hot Air

Manafort’s spokesman has denied that Manafort had done anything wrong. “With respect to the Caymans controversy. Mr. Manafort believes the matter is dormant and will not be pursued further,” he said in a prepared statement. A search of court records shows no filings since 2015.

The emails do not specify how Manafort hoped “to get whole,” but they repeatedly refer to the matter at the heart of the dispute. It is unclear from the petition, or from a 2015 filing in Virginia by the liquidators appointed by the Caymans court, whether the collapse of the joint venture left Manafort in debt to Deripaska.

But according to financial records filed in in 2015, Manafort was in debt to shell companies connected to pro-Russian interests in for some $16 million. Maloni denies that Manafort owed funds to Deripaska, insisting instead that it was Manafort who hoped to collect on debts owed by former clients. “It’s no secret Paul was owed money going back to 2014,” Maloni said in a separate prepared statement. He described the emails as “innocuous.”

For more on this story go to: https://hotair.com/headlines/archives/2017/10/manafort-use-trump-curry-favor-putin-ally/

IMAGE:Paul Manafort Business Insider

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