July 17, 2019

Truman Bodden Law School Lecturer’s Research lauded in Europe


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Course Leader Laura Panades recently presented her latest research at an international conference in Luxembourg.

This research will feed into ’ teaching on the new LLM in ‘International Finance: Law and Regulation’, starting in September 2017 at the Truman Bodden Law School.

The Academic Research Network on Agencification of European Union Governance examined how EU agencies use their executive power on behalf of the and other institutions.

The network brings together academics and practitioners in analysing common governance programmes from different disciplines, such as politics, economics and law.

Ms Panades’ research examined how European institutions have allocated funding to transport infrastructure, focusing on the role of executive agencies.

Publication of the conference paper is expected later this year.

Laura Panades, LLM course leader and author of the research, said:

“The conclusions of my study seek to inform and optimise future action on transport policy at the European level.

“Such conclusions are also valuable to the , to inform further developments on public procurement and infrastructure funding.

“People from around the world are becoming more and more interested to learn about the Cayman Islands’ legal system. This conference was an excellent opportunity to put Cayman on the map.”

The findings of the conference will soon be published as a series of working papers by the University of Luxembourg. This is expected to increase impact, transparency and lead to further research.

Mitchell Davies, Truman Bodden Law School Director, said:

“Laura’s second appearance at EU institutions this year underpins our determination to spread awareness of the Law School across the world.

“This research also makes it clear that TBLS research is at the cutting edge of international academic performance.”


Caption: Truman Bodden Law School’s LLM Course Leader Laura Panades in Luxembourg City

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