November 18, 2019

The Editor speaks: The Four JUST Men


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Colin Wilson

I am not discussing “The Four Just Men” detective thriller published in 1905 by the British writer Edgar Wallace.

Nor am I discussing the 1959 television series of the same name produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment.

A large proportion of our readers probably have never read the novel nor watched the television series.

No readers. I am writing about the four official opposition members comprising Kenneth Bryan, Alva Suckoo, Arden McLean and Chris Saunders who spoke at the press conference.

I have a lot of respect for Saunders and I am disappointed he was there to give the other three support and therefore some justification to the utter nonsense that was said there.

You can guess what the press conference was about, although being a member of the press, I was not invited.

All three know where I stand on it and it is on the other side, although I have also criticized the government for tactics and nonsense they also produced along the way.

However, the four just men at the press conference have only one side and that is to support the referendum and stop the cruise berthing facility at any cost.

And mark my words, if it is stopped it will be at great cost.

The referendum was initiated at first just to get the government to provide more openness about what was going on. And that was what was said to people their canvassers first said to persons they approached. I was one. I heard them say this to every single other person. Without exception I was the only person to read the whole document all the others signed.

And these four just men have the gall to hit out at the government for the way it has criticized the campaign for the people-initiated referendum.

Opposition Leader, Arden McLean, said the government’s behavior, going as far as encouraging people to withdraw their names from a petition, was one of the most “dastardly acts” he had ever seen any government do.

Have you ever heard the like?

“One of the most dastardly acts” he has ever seen.

Dastardly means cowardly. He is calling his other members of the LA cowards? I hope they all demand an apology from him.

And Alva Suckoo described government’s attitude towards the petition as a “slap in the face to democracy”.

Of course Kenneth Bryan had to weigh in with “the way government had behaved” was giving him “real cause for concern”.

I’m not going to add what Chris Saunders said. I still have too much respect for him.

I can only say, although I am appalled at them, they are only JUST four men.

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