December 18, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Status granting by government


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I have nothing against the granting of Caymanian status granting by members of the legislative Assembly.

Premier, Alden McLaughlin, said by law, Cabinet can only grant status on four people per year and confirmed that the law protecting people from ever losing that status, when bestowed by Cabinet, had been amended.

Three persons were made Caymanians last Thursday, , Angelyn (nee Jackson) Zias and .

I know nothing about Bounds and Zias except what I have read from other local media. They would appear to be deserved.

I would imagine, for government to recommend these persons for LA approval, they must be deserving and lily white.

However, the third person, Berksoy, I am surprised. I ran afoul of this gentleman when I published something re a real estate deal he was involved in and immediately got slapped with a warning I would be taken to court should I not remove it. As it wasn’t my article, but sent to us, I obeyed.

I notice CNS reported Berksoy as being “a millionaire Turkish property mogul” and after a brief bio then said, “Berksoy is not without controversy. He is understood to have had a number of disputes with various people and entities both here and overseas, including the planning department over the construction of his new house on Seven Mile Beach.” See:

One of our readers wrote to me concerning an editorial I had written in July 18 2017 “Interesting court case raises questions in the US in regards to investor protection in the ” at:

The Berksoy family, including are very prominent in this Editorial with links to other articles concerning them.

Our reader referred me to this one:

Interpol seek extradition of Turkish money launderer

From dirtymoney21

EDITOR NOTE: This is an excerpt.

Following nearly five years of investigation, Interpol is seeking the extradition of Ergun Berksoy, a Turkish citizen residing in the Cayman Islands, on the basis of resolution AG-2013-RES-03 – a resolution promoting extradition as well as international action in the identification, location and seizure of assets of money launderers.

A spokesperson at Interpol stated that there now was ” (…) sufficient evidence of Berksoy engaging in large scale cross-border smuggling of currency, trade fraud and the purchase of high-value items, in this case mainly real estate in the Cayman Islands (…)”.

It is alleged that his rental- and other real-estate based transactions and businesses have been carefully set up since 2005 to launder proceeds of Turkish-based drug trafficking. Laundered funds are said to often be transferred to accounts in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and other Middle Eastern countries.

Berksoy’s extradition however appears to be meeting a lot of resistance from Cayman authorities.

Given that Berksoy is not a Cayman citizen, it is however likely that the resistance will be overcome and the extradition request be complied with in the near future.


There is also an image of Ergun Berksoy with Gov. Kilpatrick.

Now that Berksoy has been granted citizenship the last paragraph of that article looks less likely to come true.

I am therefore, at a loss, when there is so much information available on the Internet, government didn’t or ignored all the background checks available on this businessman.

I repeat what I said:

When it comes to “Status granting by government” the individuals MUST be “lily white”.

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