December 18, 2018

The Editor Speaks: A tunnel without love


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The DART tunnel along the that most people hate will be extended.

The DART original application to extend it by 170 ft. to 595 ft. was turned down because the applicants, Cayman Shores Development, failed to demonstrate sufficient reason to increase it.

Now they have come up with a reason. They MIGHT in the future want to place a ten storey structure on top of the bridge [read tunnel].

So why did they not say this when they first applied?

Dart Real Estate President Jackie Doak explained, “The negotiations with took many years and although we always thought it was close, there was no certainty,”

They had considered doing a joint planning application with Royal Palms, Doak said, but without saying why, stated it “was not something they wished to do.”

Doak did admit there were no firm plans to develop anything on top of the tunnel at present. They were looking forward to the future.

As a titbit, Dart representatives said they would extend the agreement they have between Royal Palms and Island Pine Villas. This agreement allows vehicles from Island Pine to park on their property.

This was welcomed by the .

DART also said there were no plans to extend the tunnel further.

After the CPA announced the approval, Dart welcomed the decision by issuing the following statement:

“Dart Real Estate welcomes the Central Planning Authority’s decision to approve its application for an extension to the West Bay Road underpass. Dart Real Estate believes an elevated development plane spanning all of the oceanfront property offers the best opportunity for connectivity between Seven Mile Beach and the Town Centre.

“The objective of the extension was to enhance existing infrastructure and to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety along the north-south corridor of Grand Cayman. Dart Real Estate believes this would enhance the experience for residents and visitors, whether they are walking, cycling or driving.

“Dart Real Estate remains committed to Camana Bay’s growth as a true sea-to-sound community and its continued investment in the Cayman Islands.”

Pedestrians will be safe when they walk through the tunnel because both sidewalks will be raised with barriers. If you get tired there will be stairs and elevators to take you up to the top. I’m sure the stairs will be more exhausting than walking through the tunnel so take the elevators.

When you get to the top will there be DART personnel to give you a piggyback ride?

If not I can see absolutely no point in DART even announcing that.

But it shows they love us, even if we don’t love their tunnel.

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