October 17, 2019

[Cayman Islands Leading Dive Destination] – Jamaica leads WTA Caribbean 2016

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From LUXUO When you’re based in the tropics, getting away for winter is meaningless, unless you’re planning a ski trip, but we understand that readers in the northern hemisphere might be planning a toasty getaway right now. If so, you might want to consider Jamaica, named by the World Travel Awards 2016 as the Caribbean’s […]

On the road to Turks and Caicos & The Cayman Islands

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From Florida Prep The rewarding part of being an admissions officer at Florida Prep is the opportunity to visit the countries and hometowns of our students, it’s often the best way to meet potential students, and nothing is more powerful than a personal meeting or recommendation. One of our more popular trips is to the […]

Cayman has the best beach in the world!!

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From US News For some beachgoers, calm atmospheres do the trick. For others, white sand and blue waters define a beach’s excellence. And for others still, access to entertainment and acitvities helps a shore stand out. U.S. News considered user votes, expert opinion, atmosphere, accessibility, affordability and a variety of other factors to come up […]