October 17, 2019

Next up for central banks: infrastructure investments?

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By Alice Gomstyn From The Financialist Published: July 7, 2016 In the years following the global financial crisis, the world’s leading economies have found relief through aggressive monetary policy. But with interest rates slashed to historic lows and central bank balance sheets significantly larger as a percent of GDP than they were before the financial […]

Negative interest rates are costing European banks a ton of money

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By Rupert Hargreaves, ValueWalk From Business Insider How much will the ECB’s new negative interest rate policy cost the euro area banks? That’s the question Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s European Banks Strategy research team set out to answer in a note issued to clients last week. And while the report was published a week […]

2013: Stock markets at highs but can they do it again next year?

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By Jamie Robertson Presenter, BBC World News Many share indexes around the world are at record highs. Will this continue next year? Well, it all seems fine and dandy when you look at the numbers: the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 22%, the S&P 500 gained 25% and the Nasdaq up 33%. In Europe, the […]