July 17, 2018

David Jessop:Caribbean Tourism – The solo traveler and the Caribbean

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By David Jessop From NAN News Americas, LONDON, England, Fri. Nov. 3, 2017: One of the odder experiences in my past was when, while sitting on a beach in Barbados, a young American visitor appeared from nowhere and asked if I was vacationing on my own. As it happened, I was quietly spending a Sunday […]

Cayman Islands show jumpers show off

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On Sunday, March 19th, the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) held the second leg of its four-part National Jumping Series (NJS) horse show at the Cayman Riding School. The day saw several new riders to the NJS including Jardae Barnes, Freya Timms, Sunday Groves, Amber McMillan, Stephanie Lloyd and Paula Daniels. Most classes were hotly […]

The Dunedin Sunrise Plotagraph

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丹尼丁:日落 From Stuck In Customs DAILY PHOTO – THE DUNEDIN SUNRISE PLOTAGRAPH Remember, this was made out of a single JPG – how cool! I made this animation be a bit faster than most to add to the drama. But, of course, you can choose whatever speed you like. Actually, this one has two different […]