July 16, 2018

World Day of Social Justice: Social justice for migrant workers is in everyone’s interest

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Statement | 20 February 2018 From the Secretary General of the ILO, Mr. Guy Ryder. On this World Day of Social Justice, we are focusing on the world’s 150 million migrant workers, many of whom face exploitation, discrimination and violence and lack even the most basic protections. This is particularly true for women, who make […]

Analysing the role of Caribbean migrant women

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From ECLAC The Caribbean has one of the highest emigration rates of skilled and tertiary-educated individuals in the world. Women account for a large percentage of these individuals. In the United States alone, women make up 55 percent of the estimated four million Caribbean people residing there. A newly published joint study by the Economic […]

Women’s empowerment and migration in the Caribbean

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November 2017 | STUDIES AND PERSPECTIVES – ECLAC SUBREGIONAL HEADQUARTERS FOR THE CARIBBEAN UN symbol.: LC/TS.2017/107 Pages: 43 p. Editorial: CEPAL Type: Studies and Perspectives – ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Collection: ECLAC Series DESCRIPTION This paper presents a contextual analysis of the mutual relations between migration and women’s empowerment with the aim to […]