March 19, 2018

Oliver Mills: The merry-go-round of Caribbean education

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By Oliver Mills From Caribbean News Now Is Caribbean education in a merry-go-round state? Why is it that, despite the educational consultancies examining the system of Caribbean education, there is the feeling it is not serving its purpose, and is without direction? Is it because of misguided strategies used by consultants and local stakeholders, resulting […]

Teaching the Youth: How ethnic marginalisation hinders social and political development in the Caribbean

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By Kala Ramnath From Stabroek News One of the perennial ‘hot potato’ issues in the Caribbean Region is the idea of marginalisation. Ethnic marginalisation, to be precise. Mention the term ‘ethnic marginalisation’ in the Caribbean and the reaction you get depends pretty much on who you are talking to. The average Indo-Caribbean would be inclined […]

Flow Study gets more Caribbean students closer to examination success

Pin It online portal to help students better prepare for the CAPE and CSEC examinations. As parent and students get fully into the new school term, Flow unveils its e-learning platform, Flow Study, an online portal to help students better prepare for the CAPE and CSEC examinations.  One of the most significant features of Flow Study […]

Decline In CXC maths regionally, says Examinations Council

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From Jamaica Gleaner The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has revealed a significant drop in the performance of students in mathematics at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) level across the region. At a press conference in Anguilla last Fri (12), Registrar at CXC, Glenroy Cumberbatch, said the region had a 44 per cent pass rate […]

CSEC Debate

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Jermaine Francis, Staff Reporter From Jamaican Gleaner A debate has emerged over the large number of Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects some students are being allowed to sit at the secondary level. There are concerns that students are being unfairly asked to pursue a barrage of subjects that are of little value to them […]